AOC Smashes Global Competition, named as the No.1 Gaming-Monitor Brand

After years of close cooperation with the international gaming community, AOC is now the top gaming-monitor brand globally

 – 24 June
2020 – For more than 80 years, AOC, a global leader in
display technology, has designed and created an award-winning array of
top-performing monitors for millions of loyal customers in over 120 countries.
These customers include a large AOC fan base within the fast-growing global
gaming community. With its design strategy based on continual product
development and consultation with these gaming devotees, AOC is now the world
leader in gaming monitors, according to figures from market analysis firm
International Data Corporation (IDC).

AOC gaming monitor


The figures
were published in IDC’s Quarterly Gaming Tracker for 2019Q4. In the category of
gaming monitors with refresh rates of 100Hz and above, IDC’s figures indicate
AOC achieved its market-leading position with cumulative sales of more than 2.6
million units, for a market share of around 18%. Clearly, AOC gaming monitors
enjoy unrivaled popularity with gamers worldwide!


Advanced high-performance products a hit with gamers

Gamers are demanding
monitors in a range of styles and performance metrics, and AOC’s successful
strategy is to meet the needs of both “pro” and leisure gamers,
staying ahead of the competition, ensuring aggressive design, unrivaled
performance and special features for the most demanding gamers. AOC’s top
gaming monitor sub brand, Agon is a perfect example with refresh rates of up to
240Hz, a 0.5ms response time, and anti-tearing adaptive sync technology,
including G-Sync from Nvidia and AMD’s FreeSync.


Providing top
performance for these different market segments, the AOC line-up includes the
34-inch CU34G2X, a superwide curved model in a 21:9 aspect ratio, where the
user can enjoy a full field of view. In the AOC Agon range, the 32-inch
AG323QCXE monitor has a curvature of 1500R, for a fully immersive gaming experience.
The brilliance of Nano IPS color can be experienced with AOC’s 27-inch AG273QG,
a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) gaming monitor supporting Nvidia G-Sync anti-tearing
technology and muscling in with a furiously fast refresh rate of 165Hz and
response time of 1ms.


Developing the gaming-monitor market

Gaming monitors are now a large and fast-growing
market, with lots of potential for further growth, as esports attract a growing
band of dedicated enthusiasts. AOC has responded by working closely with game
developers to provide professional gaming displays and further build the
fast-evolving gaming community. AOC has, for example, sponsored the APAC
Cybercafe Tournament for the highly popular PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s
Battlegrounds) game. AOC has also partnered with the world’s most competitive
esports teams and organizers, including the IeSF and the G2 Esports club, to
develop such superb products as the G2 Series, and to reach out and meet the
needs of this unique audience.


This is the real explanation
of why AOC is now the world’s most popular gaming monitor brand. AOC has
consistently stayed in touch with the market at a grassroots level, putting a
lot of effort into meeting the needs of professional gamers with the Hardcore
series, as well as those of casual video-game players. AOC has also worked
tirelessly with different gaming bodies to fine-tune their world-beating
products, garnering in the process many prestigious awards, including the much
coveted iF and Red Dot design awards, plus an array of product-review awards
from such well known publications as PC World, Digit, PC Gamer, and Chip.


AOC will of course continue
to develop its offering for the gaming-monitor segment. In particular, the G3
and Agon 4 series are upcoming, equipped with a slew of top-end features that
include 1000R curvature, UHD resolution and all the brilliance of High Dynamic
Range (HDR) technology.    

News Source: MediaOutreach



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