2.2 Million People set new record for views tuning in to BLACKPINK X #TwitterBlueroom

  • BLACKPINK communicated with fans
    around the world via #TwitterBlueroom Live Q&A, topping Twitter Trending
    introduced self-drawn special emoji on #TwitterBlueroom Live
    will present self-made album gifts to lucky fans who posted questions during
  • Fans posted a total of 19.1 million Tweets over just 6 days following the
    comeback and Twitter official account opening 

BLACKPINK TwitterBlueroom

▲ Image Description: BLACKPINK’s image at #TwitterBlueroom
Live Q&A

LIVE Q&A Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/BLACKPINK/status/1277799491609849858

 – 3 July 2020 – #TwitterBlueroom Live Q&A
session, conducted by Twitter Korea on 30 June, with Kpop girl group BLACKPINK
(@BLACKPINK), has reached a
cumulative 2.2 million viewers and reached #1
on Twitter’s worldwide trends during the livestream.

BLACKPINK, which recently released a new album ‘How
You Like That’, launched its official Twitter account, @BLACKPINK, on 26 June
and posted its first Tweet, generating 711,000 Likes and  276,000 Retweets.


#TwitterBlueroom Live Q&A session allowed fans and
BLACKPINK members to communicate. The day of the session, BLACKPINK sent out a
Voice Tweet, “See You Soon @BLACKPINK
to amplify fans’ expectations. During the #TwitterBlueroom live session,
BLACKPINK members talked about their new songs and behind-the-scenes details of
music videos, as well as answering questions by fans on Twitter. BLACKPINK also
drew fans’ attention to the introduction of special emojis to celebrate
BLACKPINK’s comeback and explained how to activate them. These emojis, created
with pictures drawn by BLACKPINK, are automatically activated when fans use the
hashtags for Korean or English names of each member of BLACKPINK : #JENNIE, #제니, #JISOO, #지수, #LISA, #리사, #ROSÉ

As part of the #TwitterBlueroom Live session,
BLACKPINK made album covers to give as gifts to Blinks, BLACKPINK fans.
BLACKPINK members decorated album covers by adding their own personality using
various stickers. These albums will be awarded by drawing, to fans who posted
questions through Twitter.

A complete recording of the #TwitterBlueroom Live
Q&A with BLACKPINK can be seen on the BLACKPINK Twitter account, including
BLACKPINK’s Q&A session wherein the group members answered fan questions.

#TwitterBlueroom 360 videos featuring ‘#JENNIE x
#LISA’ and ‘#JISOO x #ROSÉ’ were posted after the live session as special
content and generated over 6M views. On the day of #TwitterBlueroom Live session,
BLACKPINK also tried Twitter’s new ‘Fleets’ feature. ‘Fleets’ is a Twitter
pilot feature where the content automatically disappears 24 hours after
publication. Likes, Retweets, and the number of comments are not visible on the
Fleet, making it the perfect place to share thoughts. BLACKPINK’s Fleets
highlighted the hashtags #BLACKPINK, #TwitterBlueroom LIVE, the official account name @BLACKPINK, and the #TwitterBlueroom
Live streaming.

Kim YeonJeong, Head of Twitter Global Kpop &
K-Contents Partnership said, “Kpop fans from around the world can participate
in real-time conversations related to Kpop through customized content provided
by Twitter. We will continue to support global Kpop artists such as BLACKPINK
to enable fans to be part of what’s happening in the Kpop scene real-time in
various ways and with different content, such as the #TwitterBlueroom Live

BLACKPINK generated a total of 19.1 million Tweets for
6 days from 26 June to 1 July, after announcing things such as a new song
#HowYouLikeThat, a comeback, opening an official Twitter account, launching
emojis, and live streaming of #TwitterBlueroom. They proved that they are the
most popular Kpop girl group. (End)

Hashtags with BLACKPINK
Special Emoji:

News Source: MediaOutreach



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