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Top 10 YouTube Channels For Housewives

[paragraphThe housewives all over the world, are the greatest support systems any family can have. They do most of the hard work at home, so everyone else in the family can do their jobs well. But over years and years of their great dedication towards the home, offers them very few opportunities to improvise or find some creative ways to keep that energy ongoing.Many of these hard working moms watch food or cooking channels in spare time, and yes there are a few in our list too, but we have curated these Top 10 YouTube Channels For Housewives, that produce quality content for all your needs. [/paragraph]

So if you are a housewife or a lucky husband or kid who 100% relies on such great woman, the following are some of the most amazing YouTube channels that she deserves.

Top 10 YouTube Channels For Housewives You Do Not Want to Miss!

1. Happily A Housewife

This youtube channel is run by Samantha who herself is a housewife. She, therefore, goes through all the hectic tasks that every housewife has to go in her day to day life. She tries to solve her problems-tiny or big one’s, by trying different tips and tricks. Based on the results she gets she tells you what to do and what not to.

She has great presentation skills and absolutely innovative content, that you can watch anytime. This smart housewive’s videos are concerning about how to plan your day and how to make the most use of time available to do multiple things. You will find life hacks that are important and the ones that you should avoid.

Watch Happily Housewife on Youtube

2. Food Wishes

This is a channel for all those who ‘live to eat’ and also like cooking. This channel is full of recipe’s of delicious food. Just open this channel once, and it will be a mouthwatering experience at very first glance, I promise.

These recipe’s are performed by chef’s and are explained in a very simplistic way. Since cooking is such a fundamental role of a housewife and over the years it gets quite boring for her to cook same things, this channel can help her put some fresh new snack or lunch items on your table. It’s also great channel not only to follow recipes but to gain great knowledge on food and its ingredients.

Watch Food Wishes YouTube Channel

3. Rosanna Pansino

Ro, as she calls herself, is a funny, crazy girl who will definitely bring a smile on your face no matter in whatever situation you are.

She plays all kind of games and does stuff in a way which will leave you laughing and you might end up trying some of them.

She also cooks, but unlike any other cooking show you have ever seen, she cooks dishes which no one will think of, like the Kung Fu Panda dumplings (this is one of my favourite movies by the way).

Watch Rosanna Pansino Videos on Youtube

4. Cookies Cupcakes And Cardio

Quite a catchy name for a channel, right? This is a channel which is dedicated to making delicious, yummy cupcakes, normal cakes, cookies and other similar sweet dishes.

Children often demand sweet dishes like these and, while you can get them in shops, quality is often a big concern. So these videos will help you bake some fresh Cookies & Cupcakes, and keep your young ones happy on weekends. The videos are very easy to follow, and the special recipes make it one of the best cooking channels for housewives.

Watch Cookies, Cupcakes & Cardio on YouTube

5. Clevver Style

Women, no matter what their age is, always are in a quest to look outstanding at where ever they go. So they try on different types of makeups, hairstyles etc and still look puzzled. For all these women many of which would be housewives, Clevver Style will prove to be helpful.

It shows you how to dress up according to different situations and shows all kinds of fashionable combos of accessories you can wear, to get that extra edge. It also helps you with you hair styles and how to take care of them. So you can expect a complete style makeover if you watch these videos every week.

Watch Clevver Style on Youtube

6. Mums Eye View

This channel is kinda the combination of all the channels above, literally! For all the housewives tired of searching for different things at different channels, this is the ultimate stop. You will find videos about cooking different recipe’s, about fashion, Healthcare, Lifestyle etc. You sure can skip a few categories, but most videos on this channel are fun to watch and informative as well.

Watch Mums Eye View on YouTube

7. Sara Beauty Corner

Sara has opened her beauty corner to tell you about all the beauty secrets that she knows in a fun way. In her DIY (Do It Yourself) corner, she shows you how to make different fashion accessories on your own from the normal things lying around your house.

So you can make your own little things that you can wear with your normal dress without spending a dime. Housewives can also learn a lot of things like how to take care of their health, do their nails, fashion, and make the best use of your free time.

Watch Sara Beauty Corner on YouTube

8. Glamrs

One of the best channel I can recommend for housewives, as it shows us different ways to be fashionable, do exercises and so on.

Being a geek, I’ve got absolutely no sense of fashion but after seeing some videos I found that just by wearing your normal dress in a very different way, you can look quite amazing. There are a ton different things you can do with your clothes and accessories lying around. Exercises are also explained in the very scientific way, so you know what exactly you are doing and how will it affect your body. So, for housewives, who find it difficult to keep it with their health because of their hectic schedule, this is a very effective way to keep yourselves healthy.

Watch Glamrs on YouTube

9. Fitness Blender

Housewives have a very hectic schedule as they have to fulfill the never-ending demands of their children and have to look after the house. So they have very less time for themselves due to which they often forget to take care of their own health and get prone to diseases and other health problems. So to keep their body fit and healthy, housewives must follow this channel and watch the videos here and can adopt some of these fitness techniques.

So instead of wasting your time reading health magazines or blogs, here is the one place that will help you take care of all of your fitness needs. Highly recommeded by many in the world, and of course by us, watch Fitness Blender to stay fit and healthy.

Watch Fitness Blender on YouTube

10.Diet Health

This is another health channel which is exclusive to women. Being in a role of a housewife, women goes through many phases that are stressful and cause health issues in long-term. And for all such hard working women, channels like Diet health produce extremely helpful videos to help them live healthy and care-free of any stress situations.

Be it the tough situations like pregnancy, for mom’s, models, watching these videos will make your day well spent. These exercises are genuine and recommended by experts, so you can be rest assured that if you follow them properly, you will stay in good shape both physically and spiritually.

Watch Diet Health on YouTube

So these are the top 10 channels that made it to our ‘Top 10 YouTube channels for Housewives’ mega list. If you are a housewife and an awesome mom, and you know some better channels I can add to this article, do share with me comments below, or email at [email protected]

Image Credit: Flickr