Health Factors To Consider While Sitting At The Computer

Unfortunately, for many people, back pain is a common and debilitating problem that can affect your whole life. There are many reasons for having a bad posture, that can lead to back pain back pain, but trying to alleviate the discomfort is just as difficult. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, you will know that it can be uncomfortable. Here are a few tips that can help you to use your computer while sitting for long periods.

Dealing with Back Problems at Work

It can be bad enough having to deal with back issues at home, but if you need to work with a back problem, then this can be even worse. In most offices, they will have chairs that are supposed to be supportive of your back and keep you in the right posture. However, they are not all the same, and so your office might not have the ones that are right for you. The important factor to remember is to speak to your office manager and tell them of the problems you are having. Some companies will supply you with an orthopedic chair if you present a doctor’s letter. These chairs are far more adjustable, so you can obtain the right position for you. It might be that you need other office equipment to help you as well, these can include a footrest, and an adjustable table that has adjustable height and can be tilted.

Your Chair

Even if you manage to obtain an orthopedic chair, you still need to adjust it so that it gives you the best support. Not only can this help to relieve the symptoms of your back pain, but it can also help to prevent further problems due to bad posture. You need to adjust the height of your chair so that you can type on the keyboard with your wrists resting on the arms of the chair. The back position needs to be comfortable for you, but not allowing you to slouch. You should also be right back in the chair while still being able to use the computer. If you need to lean forward, then you are too far away. Your feet shouldn’t be off the ground which is why you may need a footrest; you should also avoid crossing your legs as this puts your body at a bad angle. If you are using a chair at home and you don’t have one that is supportive, then you will need to adapt one of your own chairs to support you. One way is to place a pillow between the chair and your lower back to give it some support (like Saatva pillow or any other type of one); the only problem is this isn’t always stable. Another option is to get specially designed support. If you need back support for your chair, then there are many companies that can provide them.

Your Desk

You might not think so, but the layout of your desk and the position of your computer can have a big influence on your posture and your back. The screen itself should be at your eye level and about an arm’s length away. While this is the optimum distance, this can change if you have problems reading the screen. The keyboard should be between 4-6 inches in front of you so that your arms are in the correct place, but you don’t need to reach out for it. If you are using a mouse, then you want to keep this as close to you as possible so that you don’t have to lean forward to use it. If you use two computers on the same desk at work, then this can cause an issue because you need to move to look at one or the other. The best way to do this is to have the two screens next to each other in the center of the desk, so you don’t have to look too far right or left to see them. The keyboards should be placed one in front of the other, so you can pull one forward to use it and then replace it with the other one if needed. If you have paperwork that you need to refer to, then try to get a paper stand that you can place next to the computer screen. That way, you won’t need to move your head far to see what it says.

Using a Telephone

If you are always answering the phone while at your desk, then this can cause issues if you constantly need to reach for the receiver. To stop having to lean over all the time, you need to have a headset that you can use to answer the calls. There are usually headphone kits that come with office phones; they simply clip into the phone, so you can answer it by pressing a button on the headset. Not only does this help to stop leaning and stooping, but it also frees your hands, so you don’t have to put the phone under your chin to type or write.

Take Regular Breaks

If you are sitting at your desk all day or you get involved in a lot of gaming at home, then you must remember to take regular breaks. If you don’t, then you can start to make your back worse as the muscles will stiffen up. Try to take a five-minute break at least every hour, but don’t go and sit down in another area, try to get up and walk around as much as possible. If you find that your back has started to stiffen up, then try to do some of the stretching exercises that you were given by your doctor. You should also be taking your painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication.

Although living with a bad back and bad posture is not comfortable, there are ways that you can try to improve your pain and make yourself more comfortable. Thankfully there are a number of aids out there to help you.  



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