Yahavi.com – The New Cultural Barometer

New Delhi, June 08, 2015:- The journey from talent and creativity to recognition and fame has never been an easy one. This is where Yahavi.com comes into picture. The soul of an artist must navigate a maze of activities: creating content, showcasing artworks, connecting until they reach out to their desired  audiences.In a generation where the Internet is omnipresent, Yahavi.com, is creating a one-stop platform, a smooth path that will help artists to discover the right opportunities week-in, week-out along with connecting them directly with the right people, be they promoters, fans or audiences, that too without any charge.

The whole concept is to use technology as the enabler and provide artists across all performing arts access on-the-go, so that art takes the centre stage but managing it doesn’t.

In its very infancy (Yahavi.com) the facilitator platform has already bagged more than 2000 , bands from all across Delhi-NCR. With a leadership team that has extensive experience across technology and management, Yahavi is working to go national and global in later stages. The team aims to achieve a pool of 10,000 registered members from the music fraternity across metros by August.

Yahavi.com_Visual_Press Release_June 2015Whilst speaking about the initiative, and ideation of the concept Divyesh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, says that “In the artist circle there is a defunct supply chain of middlemen which feeds off the talent and the income of the artist while adding no value to the entire process. With Yahavi.com we want to bring about a change in the system by facilitating a seamless exchange between demand and supply by virtue of the reach and engagement on the platform” .Yahavi does not make a promise of fame! However, the platform believes that the struggle to succeed can be made a little easier and a lot more transparent with its efforts and, meaningful initiatives.The platform aspires to crunch down the engagement of various middlemen who try to monetize the arts of a struggling artist. Thus, making the journey of self-discovery a little more rewarding, giving them a lot more direct access to consumers of their art forms.

Yahavi.com can’t replace talent or luck but they do hope to make the road to success shorter with less heartburn!

Functionality:-In an era where the biggest problem of an artist in India is to get recognized as an actual one, Yahavi.com certainly stands as a boon for the entire community.

Stage One – Yahavi.com aims to reach out toYahavi.com certainly stands as a boon for the entire community., providing them with a personalized website with Literary, Audio and Visual Content which would help them promote themselves with their audiences and peers.

Stage Two – In this stage the platform is looking forward to engage with various avenues of demand (clubs, restaurants and various corporations) and getting them onboard on the platform. At this stage as a facilitator they allow the demand side to create events on the platform and contact the artists directly.

Final stage – This would entail getting fans to engage with the platform and consume the content that the platform has created for the artists to establish trends and help the world discover new artists and talents. All this would happen with a clear focus of establishing a pan India presence across various performing arts and content that can be showcased on a worldwide basis.



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