Why Streaming Movies Is Better Than Downloading

I am pretty sure that as a movie enthusiast, you are always on the lookout for new movies out there, and you always want to stay updated when it comes to movies. There are two primary ways by which we make sure that we watch the newest movies online that have been released. These two major ways are either downloading the movie or streaming the movie live. Whether you decide to download the movie or stream it, the job will still get done and at the end, you will have accomplished your goal of watching the movie. Someone might ask, what is streaming? How does it differ from downloading? Streaming is when the device you are using be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop is receiving data continuously so that you keep accessing the content.  Downloading on the other end is when you take a file such a video, music or any other type of data and copy it from the internet or a device to your smartphone or computer. When one downloads a file, a copy of that file is transferred to their devices.

In this case, we are talking about movies, so we are going to major on why streaming movies is better when compared to downloading movies. I am more than certain that once in a while you have used these services to watch movies online, Netflix, MegaMovies, among others to stream movies. While streaming, you are allowed to have an enormous amount of movie content that you can choose from while not necessarily having to keep them on your laptop, smartphone or even desktop. Streaming eliminates the need to have very many hard drives to store all the movies that are available on the internet. By streaming, all one needs to have is an Internet browser and you can watch as many movies as you want without worrying about running out of storage space.

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When streaming movies, you are not able to keep the data. This means you only use it for consumption and will, therefore, be unable to redistribute the movie. From the perspective of the producers and actors of the movie, this will mean that they will reduce the expenses incurred in making sure that you do not distribute the movies and therefore do not breach the copyright rules which will help you as the viewer out of trouble, and the owners of the movies from getting the movie pirated. What’s more, we typically pay less to stream a movie as compared to what we would have to pay to download the same movie. This is because when we download a movie, then we somehow own it permanently as compared to temporarily ‘owning’ it when streaming.

The other advantage of streaming a movie as compared to downloading it is that when stream, you don’t necessarily have to wait for the whole movie to download completely as you will just start watching it after some seconds after clicking ‘Play’. While technically speaking, the movie will still be ‘downloading’, but you will be able to start watching it immediately and do not have to sit there and wait for some time to start watching. Streaming allows you to watch your movie anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity; it also allows one to watch a movie on virtually every device that can be able to connect to the internet.

For those movie fanatics out there, streaming is the way to go because it exposes us to various types of movies out there at an almost free price. Besides, you would want to be updated about movies and movies are released on a daily basis meaning that keeping up with the pace can be somehow financially expensive if you decide to be downloading the movies as they come rather than streaming them. Do not limit yourself to just a few movies, explore the movie world. Stream as many movies as you can.



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