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Drop Shipping & eCOM Using Shopify

Shopping, who doesn’t love it? All the glitz and glamor of buying all the things that you want is actually rather fun. Going from store to store and trying all the stuff then buying it immediately is a dream come true. You can find anything that you need in every mall and shop downtown. Walking around will all the branded paper bags will make you a show stopper on the street. Everyone will look at you like you’re a millionaire and this is your normal day. However, shopping can also be really tiring and drains your energy after all the exhilaration. Imagine walking around with all those bags during the worst summer heat wave. Even in winter, it would still be horrible.

Why not go online?

The dawn of the internet has proven that mankind has not reached its limits yet. In this modern day, anything is almost possible with the internet. With all of that information in hand, humans have created an almost another world in the virtual reality. People form communities within websites based on their likes and dislikes. Social media has connected more people in spite of the distance between each other. Communication is also very easy nowadays, and you can contact any person as long as you have good internet connection. Learning new things is also very easy because of the wide range of information people can get from the World Wide Web. Read more about this here: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/10/why-do-you-use-the-internet.

Commerce is now possible through the internet as well. Gone are the days of barter trade and the local market, we are now going online. It is true that your local shops still have customers as people still go out these days. However, it is so much easier to just surf online and find what you are looking for. Why bother walking around and make an effort searching through countless items just to find one? With the internet, you can just use keywords and your item will just appear on your screen. After a few taps, it is ready to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Payment isn’t even an issue as there are numerous ways you can do it. Credit cards are going online these days. It makes most online transactions really easy as you do not need to go to the bank just to send money. Just key in your credit card and personal details on the site, then you are good to go. However, many people are actually wary of this as they can be victims of fraud. Some use crypto currency like Bitcoin to secure themselves from any kind of hacking or spying online. You can even invest with cryptocurrency so it can be a double feature for you.

E-commerce is currently one of the more popular ways of gaining income across the internet. You can sell practically anything through the net. Before, you can only find novelty or rare items across the internet as these are rather limited. People selling this stuff need to have a decent exposure in order to sell their products. Today, people now sell everyday items across the internet like an online local market. Some deliver fresh produce to your doorstep. More common options are the dry goods like shoes and many types of clothes. Gadgets are also very popular in the internet.

Shopify is a website that can help you with your e-commerce needs. Think of it like a virtual store: you can occupy space in order to sell your merchandise. You can join for free and they give you the tools to help you build your website. They let you choose your own domain name provided that it isn’t used by another person yet. They take advantage of a mobile application that you can use to manage your store anytime and anywhere. This can help you manage your time and enjoy more instead of feeling trapped in a scheduled job.

This website can also help you navigate through social media sites and help you find more customers. As most people have a social media account these days, Shopify has a tools to help you attract these customers and create a pool of prospects online. They also offer courses in marketing made by professionals who have experience in this field. This can help you through the online business field and you can create a name for yourself. Finding the best courses in Shopify can be confusing though. You can always check websites like https://www.traffictsunami.com/the-5-best-shopify-courses/ to help you find the course you need.

Drop shipping is also becoming one of the more lucrative options in online selling. As you may know, most manufacturers do not really sell their products outright in the market. They have a special set of people who sell these products through retailers. Think of yourself as a bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer, as you are the one who is going to sell the product directly to the customer. As the customer is transacting directly with the merchandiser through drop shipping, he or she can get a better deal instead of going to an actual store.

As the prices of items are more affordable when directly bought from the manufacturer, the process of drop shipping usually happens in secret. Manufacturers do not really want to sell every product at a lower price, but deals and discounts are entirely possible. They would usually send the item through a courier without a return address to hide the item and identity of the sender.

Custom items are also usually drop shipped, as these items are supposed to be not available for the general population. The “bridge” between the merchandiser and customer would receive payment through commission or per unit sold. There are many Shopify users who use drop shipping and advertise the products on their own domain. Once an order is made, they just contact the merchandiser to send the products. As this process relies heavily on trust, you must really know the merchandiser before engaging in drop shipping.


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