Why You Should Upgrade To HR Software

HR departments are the backbone of many companies the world over. Due to their importance they deserve the best so that they can function at the optimal level. Without concrete HR software systems in place, resolving disputes, training staff, recruiting new employees, and keeping documents secured and ordered becomes a lot more difficult. Some bosses deploy an HR software system and leave it at that, thinking that it can do all the work for them. It can’t. You need to have a software system working in conjunction with a trained and professional HR department. It will make their job easier and the overall running of the company will be smoother and more efficient (which equates to more money…)


As most software systems deploy the cloud in order to maintain their records effectively, you can keep all of the employee records, like their ‘in case of emergency’ contact, their job history, their training records, etc., all in one secure place – see here for more information. With the advancements in cloud technology recently, it means that there will be 99.99% server uptime, so you won’t have to worry about not having access at all times. Storing records in this way means you also don’t have to worry about physical documents going missing or having a computer failure and losing important files.

Leave Management

If you don’t have HR software and your company has more than a handful of people in it, then chances are your current leave management is a mess. It may consist of a big wall chart or perhaps someone in the HR department just keeps a record of who is on holiday and when on their post-it notes. With an HR software system in place, you can load everyone onto a timetable where they can book leave which places a ‘hold’ on that day and then once you approve it, that slot becomes theirs. This means that everyone, when booking holidays, knows when everyone else is off, which frees up the HR department from having to go back and forth with staff when everyone tries to book the same week off in July.

Performance Management

The better softwares will also include the ability to track staff performance. Having all the employees’ records and performance appraisals all in one place sure makes it easy when you need to troubleshoot problems or when you are looking to promote someone.


Some software providers will also have payroll features built in. If you are a smaller company than this can be really helpful and save you money on hiring a payroll company. Payroll management can be tricky, especially if you aren’t versed in tax issues and so with the help of this aspect of the software; it becomes a whole lot easier to manage.

The aspects mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg as some software providers have an extremely in depth system that you can deploy which will revolutionise many aspects of your business and not just your HR department.



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