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Blogs are an interesting aspect of the internet.  There are literally millions of blogs online right now.  The beauty of blogs are that they are as unique as the people who create them.  The original idea of the blog was that it would be an online journal.  The current reality is that blogs are people’s websites, a chronicle of their random interests, or even a place to gather with friends and family in cyberspace. There are still hundreds of thousands of people that use blogs as they were originally intended.  An expertly written blog, created by a subject matter expert, can be an incredible source of technical information – for free.

Best Blog Hosts

Right around the turn of the century, blogging was heating up.  There were thousands of blog hosts offering varying degrees of customization and service.  Among them, only a handful made it through the tech bubble.  Some of the most popular blog systems are Blogger, WordPress, and QuickBlogCast.


Blogger was once a tech-startup that gave would-be bloggers a simple way to blog for free.  As the internet has folded in on itself, blogger was acquired by Google.  With Blogger, templates can be somewhat customized and hosting is free.  The advantage of Blogger is that it has been a private asset for a long time and has enjoyed financial investment to make it stable and user friendly.  In addition, Google has made sure that its blog system is mobile friendly, so that people reading Blogger blogs on their smartphones have a great experience.


WordPress has been around for a really long time.  Originally, WordPress was an open-source system that could be installed and used on any server.  It required a degree of technical skill that turned many would-be bloggers off.  Then WordPress changed. It adopted a similar system to Blogger and other popular blogging services and now allows people to host blogs for free within the domain. It made WordPress hugely popular, and funneled all kinds of development and interest into this powerful CMS.


QuickBlogCast is a blogging platform provided by GoDaddy. Because GoDaddy commenced a huge market share, it’s blog service is popular. In fact, most domain owners are given a version of QuickBlogCast to use for free. The advantage of QuickBlogCast is it has been developed with private investment, with specific objectives and parameters. This makes it different than WordPress which is open source and developed by programmers from around the world with all kinds of objectives. Like every other blogging system, QuickBlogCast allows a blogger to quickly and easily write and share a post.

When it comes to hosting a blog, there are still thousands of options out there. In some circles, even Twitter is considered a blog. The great thing is that most blog services are free to use and easy to work with. With a matter of minutes, a user can sign up and start writing about whatever excites him or her.



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