The 5 Most Important Technologies You Need for Your Business This 2013

All brands out there need to make the right decision when it comes to making investments for their businesses. Yes, they need to put in a lot of financial resources and man power towards marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, human resources, and managing the business in general. However, in order to succeed in today’s digital age and have an edge over the competition, business owners also have to become technologically advanced. If you are an owner of a business, make sure that you invest on the following 5 most important technologies this 2013.

digital technologyDigital Communications Technology

Today, there are a lot of communications platforms that you can choose to implement and acquire for your business. Ensuring that the systems you use to interact with your employees, your colleagues, your existing customers, and your potential leads are of top notch quality is crucial. However, you also need to make certain that you will make these people feel that there is a real, live, breathing human being on the other end of the line.

This is where digital communications technology comes into play. Such type of a technology brings the intimacy back to employee and client communications. Through the use of this technology, a great example of which is the RingCentral VoIP, you can eliminate the robot-like feel and ambiance of digital communications. You can make all of your interactions and transactions more personal, which will then lead to consumers trusting your brand more.

Smartphones are also types of digital communications technology. These will play exceptional roles in your business, seeing that you can take them anywhere and do a lot of things with them, even if you are travelling or if you are not in the office. And with studies revealing that one in seven people from all over the world using such devices, not owning one means that you will miss out on numerous business opportunities.


Tablets are mobile devices that will pretty much allow you to do almost anything while you are on the go. These are simple, yet fully functional. It is because of these features that such devices are foreseen to replace numerous types of equipment, such as cash registers, scanners, fax machines, etc. Investing on a high quality tablet will allow you to save money on no longer having to invest on the machines previously mentioned, something that you should consider especially if you own a smaller or a startup business.

Cloud SoftwareCloud Software

Cloud-based software or applications allow you to easily, conveniently, and best of all, affordably integrate new programs into your own business. The most popular and the best cloud software applications include data storage, data backup, document uploads, document management, online payment options, accounting software, marketing programs, and sales applications.

Social Media and Mobile AppsSocial Media, Web, and Mobile Apps

There are hundreds of social media, web, and mobile applications that can help you efficiently manage and run your business. For example, there are the EverNote apps, which allow you to keep track of all important notes about your brand. DropBox is another great example, as this enables you to conveniently and quickly share documents with your employees. There are many other useful apps that you can integrate with your business, like those being offered for free by Google.

Social Media001Social Media

The first thing that may pop into your mind when you hear the word ‘social media’ is Facebook. This only makes sense, seeing that it is the most popular and the largest of all social media platforms out there, with more than a billion users from all over the world. Twitter and LinkedIn follows next, with hundreds of millions of account holders. However, there are a number of other niche social media websites that will assist you in properly and efficiently marketing your brand.



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