Now Share Your Tweets Via Emails

Twitter recently has announced a new feature which will enable the twitter users to directly tweet via their email. Twitter says the new sharing features will soon be available to all the Twitter users in the coming weeks.

The best part about this new feature will enable the twitter users to even share their tweets to their friends and known ones who are even not connected to twitter. All you need to do is to click on ‘More’ icon which you can figure out next to reply, re-tweet and favorite button. This will allow you to send your recent tweets via email and you can share it with your gmail, yahoo or any other email services.

Tweets Via Emails
Tweets Via Emails

Would like to make you aware that, similar feature of twitter is already been available with the 3rd party Twitter apps. TweetDeck and Hootsuite are among few twitter apps which are already catering this sharing via email feature. However the official features is the one, which has been announced recently.

Seems like Twitter has realized the potential and importance of this features quite late, but as now they are into it, surely the experience on Twitter will now be more qualitative.



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