Chrome OS: The Future of Netbooks and Maybe More…

When the first netbook was created, the concept behind it was to create a personal computer with limited specifications for an affordable price for any budget. These netbooks didn’t come with a lot of programs, but they were extremely light-weight and had wireless capability making them perfect for college students to carry around to class or to pursue their online education, but they still weren’t perfect yet.

Google is hoping to change that and take over the netbook market with its new OS. Chrome OS is a whole different OS compared to what users are used to. Instead of operating with a desktop, users log into a web browser: Google Chrome. And instead of saving to a hard drive, users save in the cloud. With these changes, Chrome OS promises to be a unique interface that gives users what they want: a faster operating system.

ChromeOS Next Netbook OS for Cloud

Speed: Chrome OS takes about 8 seconds to boot up. The average computer OS takes about 1 minute. The reason why Chrome OS is so fast is because it doesn’t have as many pieces to its operating system as the average OS. Chrome OS is designed with internet junkies in mind. The ones who are waiting for their computer to boot so they can click on their web browser. Because of this there is no extra software to boot, just the browser.

Browser: Google Chrome is arguably the fastest and most used browser on the web. Users log into their account and they are already on the internet. The browser also offers these desirable features:

  • Stability: Google Chrome does not crash when a tab does.
  • Security: The browser has its own protection against viruses and malware.
  • Privacy: Google Chrome has an incognito mode that hides user’s browsing history as well as their download history. This also deletes any cookies from sites they visited in incognito mode.

Applications: Though there aren’t any programs for users to open from a start menu, everything users need to do anything is in the form of a web-based application. If a user needs to write a paper or create a spreadsheet, they can use Google Docs. Aside from that, Google has its very own app store where users can find apps for education or entertainment.

Cloud: Users may not be able to save anything onto the computer, but they will be able to save everything completely into the cloud. Just as email is saved on the cloud, Google’s new OS allows users to save their apps and documents on the cloud. And just like email, no one should be able to access the information unless the user shares it.

The new OS from Google is truly a revolutionary idea for netbooks and notebooks alike. The changes that Google has made to their OS compared to the OSs before it makes it much faster and safer. With real time protection without software and the ingenious innovation of saving all information on the cloud, Google OS will certainly be the next OS everyone will be looking for in their new computer purchases.

This is a guest post by Jesse L., Who is a recent college graduate who enjoys time with his family and blogging. He is also an advocate for online education. If you also wish to write guest post for us check guidelines here.


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