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If you are considering purchasing the Lenovo G560 laptop, then you will probably want to know all there is to know about the product.  You will need to think about the various different features and make sure that it is going to meet your specific needs.  You can find this information and more with the help of a Lenovo G560 review.  This is a great laptop that will be perfect for some people, and others may find that it is not for them.  This is because all laptops are made with certain users in mind.  Here is a guide that will help you to determine whether the Lenovo G560 is right for you.

Features and Specifications of the Lenovo G560

The Lenovo G560, otherwise known as the Lenovo Essential, is a great laptop for those that want a full size laptop to use for personal use.  Many people have found that this computer has everything that they could possibly need.  Here are the general specifications of the computer itself:

  • 15.6” panel screen with LED back light
  • Windows 7 Home premium preinstalled
  • Intel Core i3-330M dual core processor
  • Integrated Intel HD graphics card
  • 4GB RAM
  • 320 GB hard drive space
  • Wireless card included
  • DVD burner
  • 6 cell Lithium Ion battery

Another important thing that people like to consider when purchasing a laptop is the ports that are included.  This one has a media card reader, Ethernet port, USB ports, microphone and headphone ports, and an ExpressCard port.

One thing that will also set your mind at ease when purchasing this laptop is the fact that it also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty that will protect against any sort of manufacturer’s defect.

Using the Lenovo G560

When you set out to purchase a new laptop, you need to keep in mind what it will be used for.  Some are made for basic use, while others are more specialized depending on what you will be doing with it.  This is the Essential laptop that is made for basic uses such as creating files, viewing and editing photos, and surfing the web.  If you are like many people out there, that will more than meet your needs.

This is a very easy to use computer and it is also very user friendly.  You will find that set up takes only a few moments and you will be on your way to using the computer as you like.  This is one of the reasons that many people choose the Lenovo G560.

Lenovo G560 Coupons that Save You Money

If you are like most people, then you will probably want to save money when purchasing your laptop.  There are several Lenovo G560 coupons out there that will help you to save money on this particular model.  You will find that the retail price of this computer is around $600 for the base model, which is a decent price for a laptop.  However, if you really want to save money then you will probably want to think about using coupons to help you with the price.  When you shop on the Lenovo outlet site, there are many money saving opportunities that you will run across from time to time.  It is important to keep your eyes open for these deals.

A Solid Recommendation

The bottom line when it comes to the Lenovo G560 review is that it is definitely recommended for those that need a computer for basic use.  If you want something a bit more specialized, Lenovo has other products as well.
Also, your can save a great deal of money by using Lenovo promotional codes on the purchase of a Lenovo G560, go to Lenovo Coupons and you can see all their coupon codes listed in one place. Lenovo is one of the few manufacturers that offers coupon or promotion codes on all their products to help consumers save on their final purchase.




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