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Free Certification by Online Learning from Anywhere – ALISON

Today the world is all going crazy behind learning and having more that two degrees at a time. Also, learning and to be studied are one of the basic need of a human being to live in this very tough competitive world.

There are many students or say people in the world who don’t afford to go to schools and colleges. Also, there are many who are talented and want to learn as much as possible but cant afford the finances. Alsion is the solution to their problem.

Alison is a Groups which offers online learning and that too for free, without any fees or without any other extra charges. It offers many degrees and certification. Alison is web based company in Ireland and earns its revenue basically from advertisement’s . Also, this company is approved by the UNESCO and awards their students. The long form of ALISON is “Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online”

Free Certification by Online Learning from Anywhere - ALISON

Free Online Distance Learning - ALISON

A student just have to register on the Alison website with their valid e-mail address to start learning.

Here are some courses offered by Alison :

English Language Skills

Personality Development and Soft Skills

Health and safety

IT Skills

Business and Enterprise Skills

It is very to get certification from Alsion, and also it is approved.

You just have to be online and learn the stuffs, there are no fixed timing, you can get there whenever you want say in your free and spare time or according to your schedule formed.

For more info visit Alison Official Website here.

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    Pat the Baker February 06, 2011

    Clicked the link to ALISON – got an ERROR!

    Found it otherwise… awesome free learning website…

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    Zubin Rathod February 07, 2011

    @ Pat The Baker : Bug fixed.. now the link opens up..


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