Our Guide to Upcoming CSGO Events

The world of eSports doesn’t stop for anything and as such, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are PLENTY of upcoming CS:GO events to look forward to, but what and when? That’s why we’re here today, here’s a list of a few upcoming CS:GO events, when they start/finish and who to look out for! Bare in mind given the current state of the world due to Covid-19 these tournaments are all to be played online, unfortunately, for a while, we won’t be seeing any LAN play! I know, feels bad man.

First up we’ve got one starting today! 16th September 2020 and running all the way until October 11th! The Perfect World ASIA League, fall 2020. This will begin with 3 weeks of League play leading up to a playoff bracket, all hoping to come away with the biggest share of the $100,000 prize pool and the largest chunk of RMR points! With Tyloo being the highest-ranked team out of 10 teams competing, they’re definitely the team I would be looking out for!

Next up we’ve got the Tribo to Major 2020, hailing from South America, with $15,000 on the line and only 6 teams competing, the teams here have a solid chance at getting a decent bit of cash each and of course the larger haul of RMR points! In this tournament, the highest-ranked team of the 6 competing are BOOM, so it may be worth checking odds for those guys!

Maybe one of the biggest CSGO events of all, the one I’d say most people will have an eye on. Dreamhacks Open for Fall 2020. Starting with an online open qualifying event running from the 18th to 20th September, open to ANYBODY, you’ll have plenty of good up and coming teams fighting to fill up the 7 empty slots for the closed qualifiers, where they’ll be fighting with some of the big boys of EU CS:GO.

These run from the 22nd to 25th September, all leading up to the Dreamhack Open Fall 2020 Main Event, again, this and the Open Qualifiers are supposed to have teams playing directly from the stage but due to the ongoing pandemic, this is all going to be online. The main event, featuring the biggest names in European CSGO starts on the 15th October and will run to the 25th, a SOLID prize pool of $115k on the line as well as the bragging rights of being a Dreamhack winner? What’s not to like here?

The top 16 teams have already been invited to the main event and topping the pile are the #1 European team, Vitality! Are they worth a punt? Only time will tell, but the competition is sure to be fierce!



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