NVIDIA Measures the Relation Between GPUs and Kill/Death Ratios in Battle Royale Games

Wondering how having a high refresh rate monitors and high-end specs for your gaming PC improve your K/D ratio? 

NVIDIA today is publishing information on gamer gameplay performance in Battle Royale games, and how technology can help gamers perform better.

At NVIDIA, we have been partnering with esports professionals for years to develop the most competitive hardware. Our graphics cards are optimized for high frame rate gameplay, which helps improve latency and your overall reaction time.

While it is well understood how better GPUs and higher frame rates can improve player reaction time, we were interested how this may translate to increased competitiveness in battle royale games for the average gamer.  We looked at the average player’s Kill/Death ratios in the top battle royale games relative to their GPU and are sharing our findings with the community.

This analysis was not intended to be a controlled experiment, but an observation of data from real-world players.

The data supports the trends you would expect — and what 99% of pro players know — that higher frame rates help reaction time and competitive performance.

The data indicates that players playing with higher end GPUs with high refresh monitors have a meaningfully higher K/D ratio over players playing with lower end GPUs with 60 Hz monitors. For Battle Royale, 60 FPS and Hz don’t cut it anymore. If you want to be competitive in these games, you want to optimize your system to run at 144+ FPS, and pair it with a high refresh monitor.

Learn more by checking out our report on GeForce.com –  https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/geforce-gives-you-the-edge-in-battle-royale


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