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Rocket League Review (PS4)

Being a guy, it is in my DNA that I want to ride a turbo boosted car and be a soccer player like Messi including several other things. What if I got the best thing of both these worlds. Well, Rocket League manages to get you exactly that. It is a basically a soccer game which instead of playing with human players, we play with rocket powered cars. Quite a dream come true, isn’t it?

The playfield is exactly similar to a normal soccer ground only big enough to play with a high-speed car. There are many different grounds available and every single one of them looks quite cool. It is curved on the sides and on the edges that helps you to smoothly glide on it and return back in the game with more speed. The ball is very big, the kind you see during festivals only less buoyant and kinda unpredictable when hit by two or more cars simultaneously.


Once you start playing this game, you’ll need a lot of time to get control over it as this is heavily inspired by soccer. This is not a game in which you just slam the ball and it goes into the goal post. Here, you just get about a second to hit the ball in the direction you want. So, you have to wait for the precise moment and get into desired speed required to get the ball going. This is a total piece of art than being just a game.

You can bounce the rocket powered car so that you can hit the ball mid-air. The car can flip from either side and from front and back too. Therefore, once you master it, you can hit the ball precisely as you do in an actual soccer game using your legs. You cannot open the doors of the car to hit the ball in some way or that will just be handball which is not allowed in soccer. This makes the game even more interesting and competitive.

There is a lot of customization available for your car. You can convert it into a beastly looking machine or just a simple looking car. The looks of the car does not have any effect on the game. So your car may look like anything but it will behave like any other.

Rocket League demands you keep all your senses alive because you need to make decisions in a fraction of a second. So, whether you just like to go and be a part of the chaotic mess around the ball or wait patiently for your moment to make most of it. This game tests it all. You need to have a very precise judgement and always be looking out for what is coming next even if it is the last 10 seconds remaining of your game.


The ball is quite big and when you hit it into a goal post then it just goes up into a colourful explosion which also sets all the nearby cars into a gravity defying flight which is exciting to look at. Rocket League gives you the sense of extreme excitement which keeps you towed to the game and makes you keep attempting to give your best shot in the match even if you are like down by 6-2 or something.

In online mode, your skills will be put to a real test as there is no lack of advanced ball handling. Therefore, it is likely that you will end up losing a lot of games before you get a hang of all those moves which you will have to make at  an opportune moment to gain the advantage against your opponents.

Servers are a bit of a problem right now as you face trouble finding and connecting to an online game and play it without any lag or other issues. Hope that will be sorted out sooner. Other than that, the gameplay is just awesome and you don’t have anything to complain about unless you just end up losing again and again.


Rocket League just fill you up with thrill and excitement with a sense of achievement. That supported with awesome graphics and breath-taking moves just makes this game one of its kind. The game mechanics are simply awesome as they test all of your skills and don’t let you get away with your mistakes and thereby, force you to improve your skills to be relevant in the game. Once you go online, there is not a single other game that will get you addicted to it like this one. You will just not stop yourselves from playing this again and again.

Price in India

Rocket League for PS4 is available in India at all retail stores & at Amazon India for Rs.1999.