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Rainbow Six Siege: Amazing New Interactive Trailer Revealed!

Can’t wait enough for the upcoming game from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise? – Here is way you can immerse in the gameplay by knowing the weaponry and tactics from Rainbow Six Siege’s interactive trailer.

This game was announced a few months back with number of other games from Ubisoft, but the same Terohunt presentation trailer is now available as the interactive trailer.

The innovative web-based player, directly takes you to the game, which is divided in major checkpoints, and you can watch the game exactly same as the gamer’s perspective.

On your way to the mission you will be prompted with side notifications, which you can click to get more information.


The interactive information along the way will give you valuable information about the in-game elements, and tactics that will be available starting October 13th 2015.

The following info pane shows Hook & Winch System with the Rappel, and likewise, you get detailed images and videos guides for elements like drones, destructible walls and more.



The interactive game trailer is nothing short of interesting, and its kind of giving you the preview and the pre-training in advance. So wait no more, and watch the interactive gameplay trailer of Rainbow Six Siege right now.

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