Next Generation Xbox Coming In Two Different Models

The recent reports on the development of Microsoft Next Generation Xbox have suggested that there may be two very different models of the consoles. We all know that there would surely be a Xbox console providing true next generation gaming aroma, while there are speculations that another device could be an affordable unit which may be focusing on the casual market.

Next Generation Xbox
Next Generation Xbox

The affordable device is expected to have Windows 8 as its OS and will be supporting the downloadable games from Xbox Live. This would be more or less like a set top box allowing great number of entertainment apps and quality consumer experience.

From the close sources, it has been revealed out that this new device would be like an always on device and will start up quite instantly and will be delivering extreme gaming experience.

If we believe the sources then these gaming console duos is the strategical approach to ensure that the core Xbox software is scalable and would cover of variety of devices. Microsoft is also planning to bring the experience of Xbox on smart phones other than these two devices.

The next generation Xbox devices is expected to be announced sometime in 2013 and will be made available in the market before the year ends.



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