New Content For Sims 3 Coming Soon

EA has made an announcement in the Livestream, that the Sims 3 will soon be getting several content updates in coming few months. As the starter to Sims3, user will now be able to access the Supernatural expansion and also complete access to the magic Weather Stone. This stone will specify the type of Sims and the magic weather of any time. The weather effects which user can cast with this stones are:

New Content For Sims 3
New Content For Sims 3
  • Bewitching Rain – This effect will allows the Witch to rain which makes any Sim to act crazy.
  • Reviving Sprinkle –  This effect cares for all gardens and also cast a rainbow
  • Eclipsing Fog – This spell will make any town much cooler no matter what so ever the season is.
  • Hunter’s Storm – This effect will cause the snow and that too any time of the year.

Along with this announcement lots more stuffs are expected to be added to the Sim 3. The stuff pack is expected to release by January 2013.


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