iOS Devices: The New Choice For Kids Over Gaming Consoles

With the emerging charisma of iOS devices, smart devices like iPhone, iPad are no more limited to young age and adults. Kids are among the largest growing user community for iOS devices and the simplest reason behind is the equivalent or even better experience of gaming aroma on iOS devices compared to the gaming consoles.

iOS Devices
iOS Devices

iOS devices, specially tabs are in high demand over the sales of consoles. It the figures from national survey are to be believed then American Children are looking forward to have iPad or iPhone rather than traditional gaming consoles like Xbox and Nintendo.

iPad was in high demand in the age group ranging from 6 to 13 and more than 48 percent of kids users like to have iPad as their gaming consoles, followed by Nintendo which is afforded to wins heart of 39 percent kids. Xbox and Sony PlayStation have got the rest of the market capture.

Well, as the demand of iPad as the gaming console is high, probably Apple should also focus on coming up with dedicated gaming console to enter into the gaming space and spread its charisma. What you think? Share your views on gaming consoles from Apple.



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