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Fans Attended Midnight Launch Of Watch_Dogs 2 At Various Locations To Join Dedsec’s Hacking World

15th November 2016, India: e-xpress Interactive Software Pvt Ltd, the leading distributor of games software in India, successfully held midnight launch for the highly anticipated game – Watch_Dogs 2. The launch was conducted at 11 retail stores located across cities in India. The participating retailers such as Games The Shop, Landmark Stores, Samurai Corner, Young Season, CD World, Emart Games, Jai Ganesh Games & Music Centre, New Games & Gadgets organised the launch at their respective stores, which kicked off at sharp 11.30 pm simultaneously at all the stores.


It was a ‘night of the Dedsec’ for the gamers as they started queuing up at the stores just get their hands on the copy and grab some exclusive merchandise of the game. The atmosphere that was seen at all the stores was electric as the fans were filled with enthusiasm and excitement. As the clock ticked 12, all the fans picked up their game and posed with the Watch_Dogs 2 free goodies. Fans who were present Games The Shop launch, enjoyed getting clicked with their favourite character – ‘Wrench’ from the Dedsec team of Watchdogs 2.