Best Free Games You Can Play On Your Desktop

If you have a PC and want to get into gaming right away, there are many great games that all of you can start playing without spending any money. Nowadays there are a wide variety of games available on the Android and iOS marketplaces which gamers can play on their mobile phones, playing them on your PC is totally different level fun altogether.  Although the number of free games for PC is a little less as compared to the plethora of games available for your smartphones, the number is not that small.

Today we bring you the list of the best free games you can play on your PC



Dota was released in 2013 and its successor, a few years later. Since its release, DOTA has made a place in the best games we have around today. Dota 2 is a perfect combination of real-time strategy and role-playing game. The number of DOTA players is increasing day by day and the kind of gameplay this game provides continues to thrill its players worldwide.

League of Legends

league of legends screens

The League of Legends is a battle game developed by Riot Games. The players can select which character to play with and within all these legendary characters lies the winner. Seeking Justice with an exotic display of gaming arena which will give goosebumps to the player. The league has only one rule that the Winner rules all.

PES My Club

PES 2016 myClub screen

We all know how popular the game Pro Evolution Soccer is. The widely popular game is available as a Free to Play edition. Gamers can play the online mode myClub, offline Exhibition Match, and Training mode as free to play content.


free gamesRobocraft is an interesting game where you can design your own vehicles using voxel blocks. These vehicles can be used in a combat.The player can add guns, wings, wheels, armour, and hardware to create a destructive and efficient machine. The game features a large variety of items, block, and many other weapons to unlock.


warframe game screen

Warframe is a free third-person shooting game. It is a fast-paced action game and has plenty of customizable options. The storyline seems a little incompetent but except the story line, every other thing seems appealing at an amateur level. The fun part is the kind of experience Warframe provides while killing things and watching them die.

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Blacklight Retribution

best free games

This game is developed by Zombie Studios. Giving a new aspect to first person shooting games which they had in their mind and they’ve succeeded in this up to a certain extent. The game features some of the best controls since Call of Duty and offers a perfect blend of effective gameplay and visuals.

Marvel Heroes

best games 2017

Marvel Heroes too, is a free-to-play game and is a popular multiplayer online game for many where you can Marvel Superhero and play.Spiderman, Captain America, and other marvel superheroes are available for play.  The story is written by Brian Michael Bendis which features locations and scenes taken from Marvel Comics.

World of Warships

free pc games 2017

World of Warplanes came in 2013 and then came the world of warships. This game comes packed with big ships and huge guns. Some of the very best guns you can imagine of are a part of this game. The gameplay is beautiful, polished, and it gives the joy to play this game. The game is a thoughtful approach towards designing a game that deals with weapons and ammunition used in the game. World of Warships focuses on group tactics and positioning, unlike other war games of the same genre.

neverwinter screens

Neverwinter is the name of the place just like a mythical city which was once blossoming with happiness. But for the last hundred years, there have been many disasters in the city. Who will rule Neverwinter now? Is an unclear question now as the Lord of Neverwinter has died. The whole story lies in the battle for the dominance of Neverwinter. The Spellplague has taken many lives and people of Neverwinter are now rising from their graves. With such an exciting storyline Neverwinter stands proudly amongst other F2P games.


gigantic game review

Gigantic is a totally new game released last year. It provides an online battle arena with a third-person camera and action-oriented gameplay.The game shows a lot of similarity to Smite, which is also a popular game. Gigantic features a unique map design and puts emphasis on objective control and capture. The games test the player’s skills. They are required to make strategic decisions with the only objective of destroying the opposing team’s Guardian. This is where the players have to fight, the gameplay can be described as good and exciting on an average level.


smite screens

Released in 2014, Smite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena between gods. Players can choose from a selection of mythical gods. They can also join session-based arena combat and can also use custom powers and team tactics against other players. The game seems to be inspired by some ancient Hindu or Greek mythology. The game feels more like a third-person action game and playing the game with your keyboard and mouse seems magical. The experience to play this one is overall mesmerizing.

So there it is folks, these are some of the best games which you can get for free to play on your PC right now. If you have any other free game which you want to see in our list, please leave a comment in the section below.



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