Asphalt 7 Heat: A Quick Review

The blend of speed with heat is something quite thrilling and when it comes to the speed of car and the buzzing sound Wooooo, then it makes your hairs stand. Hit the speed and feel the heat with Asphalt Heat which is a new car racing game from Gameloft.

Asphalt 7 Heat
Asphalt 7 Heat

With newest cars, fastest speed and stunning visual & graphics, this new edition of Asphalt has got many things which will make the environment more thrilling. Lets have a quick review of this game and find out what it has got for you.

  • It comes with 60 new and different cars to race which covers up the concept model from Ferrari, Aston & Lamborghini.
  • 15 track set and that too in real cities including London, Hawaii, Paris & Rio
  • You can play with 5 players online or offline.
  • Play in 6 different modes packed with 150 races and 15 leagues.
  • It has got cutting edge graphics which bring better user experience while playing and also brings the felling of realist scenario

Asphalt 7 is available at Google Play and you can download it at just Rs. 52.33 or USD .99.


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