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5 Greatest Game Stories Ever Told

Video games like Silent Hill, Mortal Kombat and For Honor provide gamers with an all-encompassing gaming experience primarily due to their slick screenplay, interesting characters, and fantastic special effects. While most Friv and Juegos Friv games usually have thin storylines, there are some classics that are a standout success because they tell an amazing story. Take a look at the top 5 ‘wow’ video game stories:

Alan Wake

This Psychological thriller is a crowd pleaser boasting a spooky storyline and shady characters. The central figure Alan Wake, an author of horror based tales itself is questionable as are the sequences that unfold during this saga. The plot revolves around the author himself being surrounded by a mystery scarier than what he could ever pen. The power of the character is embedded within his writing and the thrilling sequences keep the gamers hooked till the last minute.


This addictive game story is a kid-friendly tale of a young boy who assimilates crystals to activate a gadget used to save lives. The pre and post-apocalyptic scenes have been projected through a stunning series of visual effects and high-end graphics adding to its popularity. The highlight is the way the narrator unfolds each twist in the tale leading to a gripping end. Of course, the focal point is the kid and his choices that define the culmination of this brilliant story but what makes it worth a try is the fact that there is no option of a ‘correct’ choice.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Batman game has a huge fan base and the author Paul Dini with his inspirational writing flair has given it much reason to be pinned as one of the best video game tales. The story has Batman joining forces with an unanticipated coalition to take on evil inmates residing in Arkham Asylum that is headed by the Joker. Batman slowly works to unravel a twist that has all the menaces teaming up for him to tackle. Like most Batman tales, this one is classy, fun-filled, and a powerful prequel to interesting tales in the series.


This game story features the panoptic yet subtle city of Rupture, as the protagonist, Jack starts on a journey guided by experienced voices who tell him to perform different chores with the help of a hypnotic trigger process. The underlying twist is gradually unfolded as the story delves deeper leading to the realization that Jack wasn’t actually in control since the beginning of the expedition. The sequences are super exciting to play and the spin in the tale just steps it up to an even higher level. 

BioShock Infinite

The third part in the Bioshock game series has been one of the best plots with the adventures moving into the rugged Columbian terrain. The sequences depict elements of a class war that highlights various social facets worthy of discussion in a commentary on modern socialism. With gritty action scenes, the poignant depiction of social topics and aspects is rather arduous and daunting but the game does a remarkable job through the diaspora of explorable worlds and alternate timelines. It’s recommended that you play the game to unwind interesting twists in the plot just like its predecessor and enjoy the wonderful story.