Top 5 Useful USB Gadgets You Must Have

USB drives are now truly  universal and can be found everywhere from a Radio set to an airplane. Today, we’ll review some of the must have USB gadgets which can be helpful in daily work.


It is the most common USB device, generally used for Laptops and netbooks as they have very few USB ports ( usually 2 ports ) which sometimes aren’t enough. USB hub is just like a multi-socket where you attach your USB device to USB hub instead of laptop where the hub, itself is connected to laptop via USB cable.

It is found easily in the market and is available in different capacities ranging from 4 to 10 and some are even having 20 USB holders.

This gadget is definitely very inexpensive which you can buy at any electronic store.


PS/2 to USB

As the name suggests, it replaces your PS/2 ports to USB ports. Actually it was made for connecting PS/2 Keyboards and Mouse with play station but now a days, it is  being used for PC to save space.

What it does is holds cables of your keyboard and mouse and outputs a USB cable. So, it joins the cables of your mouse and keyboard and make it an USB cable.

The following picture will make it clear.

PS/2 to USBUSB wristwatch

It may sound weird but they do exist. They are simple wristwatches but have a USB memory stick on the back strip. They are a good choice for carrying USB sticks where you are not allowed to carry one, like in Schools and Internet Cafes. It doesn’t cost much, starts from 300 INR from the market.

It is also detachable, so, you can use watch and USB stick separately.

A USB wristwatch

USB Camera Pen

USB ports have helped a lot in reducing size of removable disks. It was knowledge that USB sticks can easily carry pictures and videos recorded via a camera but it was wisdom that someone invented a USB camera pen.

This pen can be used in classes, meetings and for sting operations. USB helps keeping it compact to look like a pen.


USB Porter

This is not the exact name, but the thing is, that there are several wireless gadgets around out now. That is a different technology. But USB are even here. Every wireless gadget needs a receiver and sender. For instance, wireless keyboard, where keyboard is sender and a small USB antenna stick is the receiver. Now, it could be a PS/2 stick but that would be considered a bad practice to avoid using a USB stick for a wire less set of gadget.

USB wireless keyboard

USB is the present, and most probably, the future. There are hundreds of interesting, funny and amazing USB gadgets which you can surf around but the above 5 gadgets are useful in daily life. These gadgets serve all needs regarding USB portability & usability.



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