Top 5 Must Have Gadgets of 2011

There has not been another time in history where so many competitors have surfaced in the technology gadget market. Everyone appears to want a piece of the proverbial pie. Consumers are lining up as manufacturers compete for business. The year 2011 has definitely been a very interesting one for electronic consumers. Lovers of technology have been given the chance to experience some of the greatest innovations to many products that already existed.

Nook Book Color

Tablet readers are not new, but every version seems to push the envelope a little further than their adversary. This is definitely the case with the Nook Book Color. The color display is a huge enhancement for eBook readers. Amazon controlled a large portion of the market with the Kindle, but Barnes & Noble capitalized on the color feature in a very big way.

More than 2 million of the Book Nook Color tablets have been sold. The ability to surf the web, check email, download apps, and read enhanced books, magazines, and newspapers has turned the Book Nook Reader into a cash cow for Barnes & Noble.

Nook Color Ebook Reader Gadget 2011

Nintendo 3DS

The gaming industry can often become more about the games than the actual devices. Nintendo is changing that. They are making sure that their device stands out from the rest. They are the first company to launch the concept of 3D (without glasses) in handheld portable gaming systems.
Gaming is there specialty. The Nintendo name is known as one that has dominated the portable gaming system arena. This innovative shows exactly why Nintendo is able to stay on top. The engineers recognized the increase in 3D films and HD technology. They realized that there was also opportunity to expand upon this in concerns to gaming consoles.

Nintendo 3DS Must Have Gadget 2011

Sony Vaio 3D Laptop

Surprisingly, Nintendo wasn’t the only that considered 3D. Sony hopped on the bandwagon and produced a Sony Vaio 3D laptop. The Sony laptop is different from the Nintendo 3DS concept because built-in IR blaster technology will be used to sync regular Bravia shutter glasses. This laptop is the ultimate solution for games, internet surfing, and movies. The device has a speedy Intel i7 core processor. There is also an HD widescreen display.

Sony Vaio 3D Must Have Gadget 2011

iPad 2

People heard that it was thinner and lighter. They also were informed of a longer battery life for this product. That was all that it took for fans to grab a spot in line and camp out days before the iPad arrived in stores.

Some people might wonder what all the fuss is about until they see how well the dual A5 chip processor handles different tasks. Even owners of the first iPad may doubt the need for the iPad 2 until they utilize the iPad 2. The ability to see their friends with the new FaceTime feature will kill any hesitation about purchasing this device. It may be the best Apple product on the market for 2011.

iPad 2 Must Have Gadget 2011

Blackberry PlayBook

Tablet PCs manufacturers hit the market running. Everyone was racing to catch up with the iPad once it blew consumers away. So many vendors produced tablet PCs in order to compete, but Blackberry sat back for a while. In 2011 they showed consumers all the secrets that they were sitting on with the Blackberry Playbook.

It has been marketed as a professional tablet PC, but consumers are already picking it up for general use as well. This device has a 7” inch screen, 1024 X 600 resolution, and it supports Adobe Flash. There are dual video cameras that allow face-to-face chatting. There are also 4G W-Fi options available for web surfing.

Blackberry Playbook Must Have Gadget 2011



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