Switching Between iPad Apps: The Secret

This is for iPad users who have been having a hard time switching from one application to another. You see, not everyone is good with technology and not everyone is quick in picking up device tricks. Whether you are new to the iPad or a long time Apple user who continues to struggle with the basics of the device, this will hopefully make things easier for you.

ipad apps2Pre-installed Applications

Let us start from the beginning. When you turn the iPad on, it will automatically bring you to the Home screen, or main screen. This is where you will usually see all the applications that were pre-installed or you have installed on your device after the purchase. Messages, which is one of the pre-installed applications that come with the iPad, is typically located at the left hand side on top of the screen. From left to right, users will normally see Facetime and Photos after Messages. Their locations may vary but only when you already personalized or customized their positioning. Some of the other pre-installed apps include Weather, Notes, App Store, Contacts, Calculator, Passbook, Stocks and many more. Swiping your finger either from left to right or right to left will allow you to switch screens. This move also permits you to view other applications located on other screens. The App Store is akin to a child’s candy store  and is filled with many interesting applications that will definitely catch your fancy. Some apps are for gaming and some are for communication, like the free VoIP apps.  It won’t be surprising if your phone is overflowing with applications you do not even know how to use.

The Quick Task Baripad appsSince you probably have so many apps to tinker with during your free time, you might want to know how you can swiftly jump from one app to another. Of course, you can always use the Home button and browse through the sea of apps you have installed on your phone but it is not the fastest way to go about it. If you do not know yet, the best way to switch from one application to another is to make use of the quick task bar located at the bottom of your screen. This will save you time scouring through every app on your iPad’s screen. You can also utilize the search bar and do a quick search for the app you would like to use but again, it is not as fast as using the quick task bar.

Here are the steps you need to take to jump between apps with the help of the quick task bar:

First, you will have to tap the Home button two times. You have to do this quickly in order to make the task bar pop up. After tapping the Home button twice, you will then see the task bar that contains all the applications you recently played, used or tinkered with. It will also display all the apps that are running in the background. The task bar usually displays the last four applications you used so if the application that you are looking for is not there, do not worry. All you have to do is make a swiping motion on the screen, from right to left to show the other applications. Do this until you find the application that you are looking for or until you reached the end of the bar. Note that the bar ends with the last running app. So if you’re trying to swipe your finger and the apps on the task bar do not move, that means you have reached the last batch of apps on your task bar.



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