Samsung Star 3g Install Full Screen Java Games/Applications

Hey all,

I am back with another great tutorial about how to install Java games & application in Samsung  Star 3g with full screen. Because by default it comes with a virtual keypad, which is not necessary in touch screen applications & games. So have fun with this trick.

Here is step by step procedure for installing full screen games.

1. You need to first download star 3G games or application that supports touch, you can get it from google. Any touch supported JAVA games/ apps will work with it.

2. Then Open the .JAD file with notepad. You’ll see something like this.

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.4.1_02 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.1
MIDlet-Name: Roland Garros 2008
MIDlet-Icon: /icon.png
MIDlet-Vendor: Gameloft SA
MIDlet-1: Roland Garros 2008, /icon.png, GloftRGAR
MIDlet-Version: 1.4.7
MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
MIDlet-Jar-Size: 576987
MIDlet-Jar-URL: RolandGarros2008.jar
Nokia-MIDlet-Category: Game

3. Then add this lines at the bottom of this file text.

MIDlet-Touch-Support: True

4. Now it would look like this :

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.4.1_02 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.1
MIDlet-Name: Roland Garros 2008
MIDlet-Icon: /icon.png
MIDlet-Vendor: Gameloft SA

MIDlet-1: Roland Garros 2008, /icon.png, GloftRGAR
MIDlet-Version: 1.4.7
MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
MIDlet-Touch-Support: True
MIDlet-Jar-Size: 576987
MIDlet-Jar-URL: RolandGarros2008.jar
Nokia-MIDlet-Category: Game

MIDlet-Touch-Support: True

5 . Then save wfile & install files by using unlocking Smasung star 3g Procedure for installing Java games & apps.

6. Thats it. If this does not work you can use it following four lines instead of above line.

NUMPAD: true
MIDlet-Touch-Support: true

Hope this tutorial will hekp you. Comment here is you have any problem with this trick. Also we love appreciations, is this one has worked for your Samsung Star 3G.


In this 70-649 tutorial, you’ll learn how to install java games onto your smartphone. Download the 640-863 guide and 642-832 tutorial for easy and fast installation of java game and app.


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128 Responses

  1. HI friend
    plz explain the step 5 clearly u told save wfile is any file format
    or to save the edited file in wfile format. i am not understand
    plz help me

    1. Hii Jegan,

      It was basically a print mistake. It is FIle & not the WFILE. You have to just replace the file with .jad extension. Again you can read our previous article whihc is detailed one.

    2. hey Amol,
      im using samsung gt s5620 monte, it supports J2ME java MIDP2 i’ve tried so much bt cant install da applications in full screen by da above given method. sumtimes da vitual key board is gone bt da touch doesnt respond i hav evn tried wat was said in earlier posts.,i.e making it touchsupport: true bt it doesnt work. does it depend on da game? if it does pls tel me wat kind of games i can change into full touch

  2. hey m getting problem with TK file explorer.Whenever I connect my phone Samsung PC Studio pops in.Then as you told i disconnect it from PC studio n open TK file explorer.when i select com port it gives me some no.but wen I click on connect it gives me error”Communication link failed”.Can u please help me……Thanks a lot in advance….

    1. Hii,

      You first connect mobile in PC studio mode.
      Then open Samsung PC studio
      Then disconnect mobile from PC studio.
      Close PC studio
      Now you open TK File Explorer
      The connect your phone

      1. hi amol i have a problem,
        i want to download games in my star 3g but i couldn’t find a website,
        so can u tell me some games website names…

    2. having problem with my tk file explorer. it always says “memory could not be read” when im downloading it on my fone.please help.

  3. hey thanks i got how to put it but i still have one problem.Can u give me the link for downloading 21 wallpapers.Its a rapidshare file and the link you gave in that only 10 users could download at max.The limit has been reached

  4. hey amit here
    i upload game by tk manager
    but i still not get mini opera in my cell.
    plz upload full procedure..
    step 3 is necessary for mini oprea or it work directly.
    thnx in adv.

  5. Hi Amol Wagh
    The above full screen procedure i follow up for games but i got only the full screen window the touch screen option not working in my samsung star 3G. plz tell me the solution

    1. Hii Jegan,

      Only games with tuch support will play full screen. But if you have a touch game & touch is not working then verify your .jad file find following line

      MIDlet-Touch-Support: True

      If it is not there add it in a jar file.

  6. Thanks..
    this site is very usefull for me and anyone who wants to solution for samsung application and games upload

  7. hey i could download the jad file to my phone with no problem but wen i download the jar file to my phone using tkfile explorer it crashes … is there any other file explorer which i can use for my samsung star wifi… pls help !!!!

  8. hii amol!!
    actually i right click on the folder and select the download option.. and the tk file explorer shows error. wen i restart the tk FE i browse into the phone and see the folder i downloaded with the jad file but the jar file alone does not transfer.. even if i try to download the jar file alone it gives a error msg and crashes..i hope u understand my prob…

  9. hi

    please help how to download the touch games and to install on phone,and how to fullscreen the java applications on my phone samsung 3g s5603.

    waiting for replay.

  10. hi to all friends when i open my TK file explorer it doesn’t show any port i have done so many option like restart my PC, and opening via PC studio and then close and someone has mentioned earlier..plz send me the mail with a right solution..thanks

  11. hey it sint workin
    somthing type not supported
    could u give me some links of motion sensor games that might work on my cell
    thanks again

  12. Thanks for this its working nicely
    can i ask u a question?
    When is set a wallpapaer or ringtone from my memory card it get copied to phone memory also so its eating phone memory how to stop it any solution my cell is samsung star 3g

  13. dude firstly nice work here…. u r vry helpful,
    secondly i needed to knw cn v increase msg memory in samsung star? i’ve mem card bt its useless as msg memory cannot be transferred to mem card.

  14. Hey amol!!you seriousli in love with you!!
    come on man..ive been like upset from so many days nd have been regretting taking this cell..not anymore..but dude do something for the message memory..please!!!
    and a link for really cool samsung star wallpapers is:

    1. Thanks aditi for sharing link & falling in love with me too. (Fingers Corssed),

      I am working on to increase its message memory, I ll let you know, other option is we can switch to its eauropian firmware to get too faster working on Samsung star 3g

  15. Hi. Thanks for the installation instructions. I can install any java app on my S5603. However, I have one basic question for midlet touch support. How do I enable it. I mean how do i edit the already installed jar or jad files ? They do not show up with my phone connected as mass storage. Also, TK explorer does not allow editing or opening jar files. Is there some tool (some explorer) i need to use ? One solution I see is copying the java files back to the PC, editing them and then copying them back to the phone. Is that my only hope? Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi,
    Thanks man for the installation instructions, they really worked well. but there is one problem i could only hide the virtual keypad with this process but i am unable to run the game in full screen mode. there is some blank space left at the bottom of the screen instead of virtual key pad its really annoying, please help me with this.

  17. Some info’s not clear for samsung star resolution:-400×240
    samsung star 3g:-320×240!!!
    Can anyone sort out autorotation via accelerometer as it’s in nokia 5800 xpress music!!!!

  18. Realy like ur guides. I wonder if it is possible to apply this on samsung gt-s5600?
    If it is not I would appreciate some directions for getting it on the sg5600. Maybe a link or a short guide?

    Thanks aloot. Keep up the good work.

  19. hi amol…
    i just want to use the bluetooth of samsung star 3G to connect broadband internet of my pc.
    could u have any solution for this…?
    Any how i want to use pc internet ,in my mobile…please suggest any links..answers..
    Thanks in advance

  20. hey amol ur the guy dude. thanks a lot actually am a new user for star 3g gt-s5603. am glad to know that an expert like u is behind us thanks a ton man and were can i find u most i mean am new her e

  21. Hi, i come to this discussion by searching for a good pdf reader for my newly purchased samsung star s5233w. can you please help me.

  22. Hi, I have added the lines.
    I could see the game in full screen but, touch is not working. 🙁

    My Mobile: samsung s3653

    Could you please help me?

  23. hi,
    i am using star 5233.
    i wanna know whether procedure for 5603 n 5233 are same or not?
    as i wanna install some games n applications…..plz help me

  24. it’s possible to install motion sensor games in samsung star 3G mobile,also possible to done where to get it

  25. it support motion sensor with touch screen games or only motion sensor games. if you know any website to download the motion sensor games

  26. hey amol….
    i had downloaded a motion sensor game on my star 3g but when i run it the message appears that ‘java error invalid format’ can you tell me what the reason is?

      1. do we have to change any thing in jad file of that game just like we have added few lines in jad file for installing full screen touch games ?????

  27. hey amol..
    after downloading another motion sensor game i am unable to play it bcoz when i open that game it says ‘this application requries:accelerometer 240×320’!
    so plz help me.
    tell me how to access that game?

  28. there is no option to paste jar and jad files in tk file explorer so tell me how to paste those files in the new folder.

  29. hey amol have you tried to install any motion games or apps in star 3g because in my handset it does not accept any motion apps.
    After downloading, the game works fine but motion sensor do not work even after turning motion sensor option on.

  30. New Method
    Using Minicommander (FREE and NO ANNOYING ADS)

    Steps in Mobile Browser:
    Open from your mobile browser.
    Search for Minicommander in the search box. (If not found try ‘Mini Commander’ instead of ‘Minicommander’, or simply go to from ur pc and search for mini commander, get the quick download code and then download it using ur mobile)
    Click Minicommander in the search result.
    Now click Download Minicommander, It will be automatically installed in your Phone.
    Steps in PC:
    Download the necessary game or application to your PC.
    Let us consider you have downloaded Mario.jar.
    Create a folder called ‘Mario’ (Consider G:\JavaGames\Mario)
    Copy the Mario.jar file to the G:\JavaGames\Mario.
    Download and install JADMaker in your system.(Note : JADMaker needs .NET Framework 2.0 or above, you can download it from microsoft website)
    Run JadMaker from the Start Menu.
    Open the folder G:\JavaGames\Mario
    Drag the Mario.jar to the JadMaker window.
    New .jad file called Mario.jad will be created in the folder.
    So your folder G:\JavaGames\Mario will have Mario.jar and Mario.jad.
    Connect your mobile to PC:
    Now connect your phone to PC using your USB cable.
    You can either choose PC studio option or you can choose Mass Storage option. (These options will be provied only if you have selected the option Menu -> Settings -> Phone Settings -> PC Connections -> Ask on Connection)
    Copy the folder G:\JavaGames\Mario to your menory card. For example consider you have copied the ‘Mario’ folder to a folder called ‘Applications’ in memory card.
    Now disconnect your phone from PC.
    Steps in your Mobile :
    In your phone goto Menu -> Application ->Games & more -> Minicommander
    It will ask ‘Minicommander may access read user data continue?’
    Give ‘Allow, ask once’.
    Minicommander’s UI will be like this.

    Open /filesystem/ in the left hand side.
    Open /Mnc/Applications/ in right hand side
    select Mario folder in right hand side.
    Press ‘5’ in the number pad at the bottom of the screen.
    This will copy Mario to /filesystem/
    Exit Minicommander.

    Final steps to update Mobile Java DB:
    Now open up your key pad and enter *#6984125*#.
    This brings up Admin Settings.
    Choose INTERNALS and enter the master key *#9072641*# and confirm.
    This brings up Internals screen.
    Now scroll down and choose Storage Settings.
    First press Update Java DB
    Then Update App database
    Then Update Media database.
    Finally Create AX Dat File.
    Exit the settings by pressing the Call Cancel key.
    Thats it.
    Go to Menu -> Applications -> Games & More.
    You can see your newly installed Mario Game.
    It will be named as something like ‘Minicommander/mnc/Mario’, just rename it to ‘Mario’….

    Cool…… Similarly you can install any number of Applications and Games….
    Hope this helps you….

    Please comment if it works for you…. 🙂

    1. Hi,
      everything is fine but whatever application I download I get it in RAR format, so please help me out and give me a way to convert RAR files into JAR format.

      thanking you,,,,,,,,,,

  31. Hiiii i have read ur all instruction to insatll full screen game on samsung star 3g bt u have samsung star s5233a.. do these all trick work in star also???? i tried bt bt did nt get successed in it each every time i tried it says unsupported content.. i download apps from pc then copy in mobile theb it says unsupported content… plz help

  32. how to read unlimited pdf pages files in samsung star 3G but im try to load it display too large file, im also installed mobile pdf jar software but it display can’t open pdf files error mesages. Plz give me a alternative solution

  33. Well Done!
    It works 500% tested by……..
    Thanks man…………………

  34. if u want to do it in .jar file, open that using winrar, root to META-INF folder, there is only single .mf format file, extract that to somewhere and open using notepad, then paste the command,
    MIDlet-Touch-Support: True

    then save
    then drag this file to archive [means .jar file, which is opened w/ winrar] then replace previous file. i tried it on opera mini works fine,

  35. thanks buddy you rock, I was almost going to trash that damn phone when your tutorial saved me. It works sweet and sound.

  36. plz, tell me how to install games in memory card for gt s5233 star wifi, because by default it will install games and more folder in phone memory? thanx

  37. hey….kool …but i have a problem
    i have samsung star 3g but it doesnot support any kind of 3rd party dwnload….and i dont have a datacable too…i do it wid a memory card reader wat to do??plz help 🙂

  38. hii…can any1 tell me how to format my phone…it hangs abt more than 5times a day n i need to work on it plz help

  39. hi
    when i join my star3g,it can not connect with pc studio,in usb connection,plz help me how to connect my phon with pc suitin usb mode,and when i am connect tkexploree,they also connect but dont show me phon memory o rfolders,

  40. can our phon support motion game?
    if yes then tell which racing game with motion sensor is setup.or suportable.any full screen game plz guide me.

  41. when i m start tkexplorer and connect with port at that time the error occuring the msg is communicaton link is lost.i m trying it on xp as well as window7,the error is same for both while connecting.

  42. Hi Amol,

    Thanks. Can you please tell me if I can play the game horizontally on my samsung jet? I mean if I can add some line to the jad file that will play the game horizontally? 🙂

  43. nice work man bt i wana knw that like u created this right so there must be also a line which must be also enabling the use of motion sensor ?????
    try finding that out and inform me about it please at try finding it or creating it ??? thanks

  44. hey cuts the virtual then d games does not function coz we hav no buttons to do so..u have any remedies to that?

  45. hey solution provided above by Amol Wagh .are working perfectly .im using all java application on my samsung s5603 in full screen as well.
    thakz Amol we need som mor helpful persons like u.

    Thankz Alot .Ajay Chaudhary(Mathura)

  46. hii man really u r great. i tried your tricks but it works on touch apps like opera mini not on normal games. is there is a solution to convert a normal game in touch game. if there is a way so kindly send me its solution on my e mail. thanks ur student. fan.

  47. I downloaded .jar file and copied it to my phone. When I am trying to open it to install, the phone says ‘unsupported file format’ . What to do ?
    please do tell if there are any other formats or how i can install those apps on my phone.
    please help thnx in advance

  48. Hi, there is an another method of installing java full screen application in case of becoming failed to unlock your phone. after editing the .jad file upload it to your mailbox or in any server and simply download it again using your mobile browser. see, it works.

  49. I am using samsung gt s3653 corby. But i can not connecting my phone with the pc as modem by using pc studio. Can u help me about that?

  50. Hello , I have samsung Gt s5233s , I tried to install Java games ( jar , jad ) thru Tkfile.. but 1) while transferring from My C drive to the folder I have created in Tk file exp . ( I have done this action in Tk file exp . ) The Tk file always crashes while transferring process .. another thing , when some time it does shows that the file was transfered in the phone , I remove the data cable and use *#52398708*# and Internals *#7092463*# and Updated Java DB . Now if I open that folder in the phone in which I Pasted the game thru TK File Exp .. It shows Java error , Invalid format .
    Kindly Help

  51. Hi i have samsung gt-b3313. I can’t download java apps greater than 500Kb. It says “Unable to save. File size too large.” Can you give me solution to increase this limit ???
    thnxx in advance!!

  52. hi guys,
    can anyone help me . i bought my samsung S5603(star 3g) at the second day of it’s launch for 14,000. but till now im not able to install not more than 4 apps till now. when im tryin your trick, when im connecting com port it appears as ‘connection link is lost’.

  53. hi guys,
    im having Samsung star nxt s5233s…all is working fine…but when i copy the .jar file onto the phone through TK file shows a dialog box having options “send error report and Dont send”..when i click on “Dont Send” Tk file explorer closes…n nothing happens…
    it works fine when i copy the .jad file…
    please help me..!!! please

  54. Hi i have samsung gt-b3313. I can’t download java apps greater than 500Kb. It says “Unable to save. File size too large.” Can you give me solution to increase this limit ???
    thnxx in advance!!

    1. dial *#5239870*# when admin menu will displays select INTERNALS when it asks password type *#7092463*# then select storage settings  then select update java DB no gprs is required it doesn’t work on all samsung phones

  55. Hi amol i m having samsung gt b7722, i cant download anything from operamini browser, it shows error no write access, only default browser dolphin cn download file, plz help me out

  56. Hi, I have Samsung GT-B7722, like Kumor I have dowloading problem, its buit in browser (Dolfin v. 1.5) interrupts downloading (I think while downloading, after a time out, if no data receive, then download fail occure). also Opera Mini shows write access error.

  57. hi amol i have some doubt abt my phone i m having samsung monte i activated gprs but my browser is not connecting i need the solution
    and i need to install softwares how i can install how i can i convert sis file to jad file i need only jad file plzzz give me the solution
    i m missing the features of my phone i added u in gmail also plzzz reply me…………..

  58. hi,can u tell me what shud i write in the place of com:…………,in the that opens after u click settings?

  59. m using samsung star 3g gts5603 whn i copy paste d games in my mmc den it shows unsuported file format i hav upgraded my firmware its menu iz like corby so is d firmware upgrading a problem creator

  60. Java Error- no memory available for Samsung Corby B3313. Can anyone help, please please please?

  61. if anyone has the message “jar file is over max size” heres the solution

    dial this number *#52828378# then u’ll be in java ota test menu
    the go to ota test and replace the value of 500 kb in the topmost option to 2000 this means u can now install games upto 2mb on ur fone

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