Re-labelled: Powerful Line of Samsung ATIV

Samsung ATIV is the new line of personal computers, tablets, and mobile smartphones that runs on Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8. ATIV is not formal word but if reversed, it spells as “vita” which means life.  It originally was a line of Samsung Tablets and smartphones but the company decided that it will extend the ATIV brand to its laptop and desktop computers. Enumerated below is the complete line of gadgets of the Samsung ATIV.


Samsung ATIV1


There are five Samsung tablets: the original Samsung ATIV Tab, Samsung ATIV Tab 3, Samsung ATIV 5, Samsung ATIV 7, and the latest, Samsung ATIV Q. All tablets run on the Windows 8 operating system except for Samsung ATIV Tab which runs on Windows RT.

The latest and flagship gadget in the list is the Samsung ATIV Q. If your search for it on the Internet, you’ll find out that many consider it a laptop. Well, it’s mainly because the gadget is convertible. It is Samsung’s attempt to make gadgets that is as powerful as laptops, yet portable as tablets. This product is yet to be released but it is confirmed that this convertible tablet will measure 13 inches and will come with a sliding keyboard—that is why it is confused as either a laptop or a tablet. You can expect the gadget to be available sometime in August with a $699 price tag.


There are two Samsung ATIV smartphones: the Samsung ATIV S and Samsung ATIV Odyssey. While many expected a long lineof smartphones, note that the focus of the company has been on the Galaxy line. In fact, it is one of the top-selling Samsung products.

Both ATIV S and Odyssey run on Windows 8. As Samsung portrays it in its advertisments, they want both ATIV smartphones to be a focused in both business use and entertainment purposes. Yes, Samsung Galaxy smartphones have the same flag that it carries but the difference here is that Samsung ATIV smartphones are the ones designed for the lower-end market. Simply put, these are the budget smartphones—competing with Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X.


It will be quite a list for ATIV Laptops as Samsung  regularly updates and upgrades the Samsung ATIV Book series. Samsung ATIV Book 2, ATIV Book 4 370, ATIV Book 4 510, ATIV Book 5, ATIV Book 6, ATIV Book 7, ATIV Book 8, ATIV Book 9 Plus, and ATIV Book Lite are the ATIV laptops of Samsung. The last two are the latest versions of laptops in the list.

The ATIV Book 9 Plus is known to be the challenger of the Mac Book Air and Sony Vaio Pro. The ATIV Book 9 Plus boasts of a 13.3 inch display with 3200 x 1800 pixels which gives it 276 pixels per inch. You don’t even have to ask. You just know that it has the highest pixel density laptops in the market. Not even the Retina Display of Mac Book Pro can (227 ppi) nor Chromebook Pixel (239 ppi) can match it. And given its speed and power, this has become the prime choice for digital artistst and video editors to name a few.


Samsung ATIV One 3, Samsung ATIV One 5, and Samsung ATIV One 7 are for the line of desktops of ATIV. ATIV One 7, the latest, is known to be the all-in-one desktop computer. This top-notch PC comes with a fold-down 23 inch monitor (touchscreen), a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, and an HDMI Out so that you can add another HD screen.  You will notice that ATIV One 7 comes on its sleek and stylish exterior that can sit pretty nicely in your office or home. You can get one for $1,099.


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