Is 2013 The Year Of The Samsung Galaxy?

For years, smartphones have proven to be of great necessity in our daily lives. It is the most convenient means of communication for us because of its flexibility and mobility. Smartphone manufacturers battle it out in order to attain the best market share in the world market. These companies develop different features and use advanced technology incorporated in their smartphone line. This would set them apart from their competition and hopefully attract users with their products.

Being one of the first smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has stood the test of time and have provided the world with high-end products. However, in recent years, Apple has been dominating the smartphone market without fail. Samsung struggles to be at par with its greatest competition. But everyone can now see that Samsung is ready surpass the smartphone giant and could possibly dominate the market this logo

The last smartphone that Samsung released was the Galaxy S III. According to critics, it is at par or even better than the iPhone 5, the smartphone from its largest competitor Apple. This gadget offers new features that are not available from its predecessor and competition. But Samsung does not stop there.

Innovation is now the most important thing to have in order to dominate the market. After releasing the Galaxy S III, Samsung released the Galaxy Note II. Users termed the new gadgets as a “phablet”, part smartphone and part tablet. The Note II is the first one of its kind, but currently not the only one. This unit has surpassed the capabilities of the Galaxy S III and Apple’s tablet line.

But Samsung did not stop there. They took innovation and pushed it one step further. Now, they have developed a “virtually unbreakable” smartphone. They took their organic light emitting diode (OLED), instead of placing it in glass, they covered it in plastic. Since plastic is an elastic and durable material, the OLED display of a smartphone would not be “fixed”. Instead it would be flexible, capable of bending and still keep its form.

Samsung calls its new display “Youm”; it can bend accordingly and this gives it the feature of being “virtually unbreakable”. When the phone will be dropped, for example, it would simply bend upon touching the ground and would not have a great impact, thus lessening or negating the damage done to the smartphone.

The Korean company also revealed a curved edge smartphone. The curved edge gives way to the curved display of the unit. The display would run through the sides granting a sort of secondary screen for the smartphone. The device has a 5 inch 720p OLED display. Both the curved display and flexible smartphones are still prototypes, but already operational. Time will tell when Samsung will release these gadgets to the public.

Samsung is already incorporating the new Exynos 5 Octa processor into their line of smartphones. They also claimed that this processor is only for high-end smartphones. Also, their new “green memory capability” makes every gadget energy-efficient. This would give Samsung’s new smarphones an edge over the competition.

With these announcements and releases, Samsung is clearly ready to take the top spot in the smartphone world market. They are beginning to release “firsts” in the smartphone class, which only they are offering to the public. If these announcements are realized early this year, then 2013 can easily be said to be Samsung’s year to dominate the competition.



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