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How To Install Java Apps/Games in Samsung Star 3G S5603/S5600

Welcome back in another great tutorial from us about How to Install Java Games & applications for  Samsung star 3G S5603 or S5600 Preston. Just to let you know that, Samsung uses its proprietary Touchwiz OS Technology For their famous touch phones like, samsung star, star 3G, Preston, Omnia HD etc., And they have not provided the support for external apps to run in Samsung Star 3G. So here is a tutorial & explanation on How to Install Java games & applications. (Its not my hack, got this trick from a forum of orkut discussion.  So I will not take credit for that. )

Back up all your data like phonebook, SMS, Music & files before using this tutorial.

So let us start with it. . .

Resources Required :

1. JAD Creator: Download Here ..

..(in case you have only JAR file)

2. TK File Explorer 

3. Samsung PC Studio : You  must have got it with your brand new Samsung star 3G

Steps to Unlock Star 3G:

Step 1. Connect Your Star 3G handset in PC Studio Mode

Step 2. Open Samsung PC Studio & Disconnect your Phone from software by right clicking the icon of phone. (Not from your USB)

Above step is must don’t  open TK file explorer before that.

Step 3. Open TK File explorer

Go To >> Settings

Select COM Port whatever available as shown in figure & Keep rest things as it is. Click OK.

Step 4. Go To  FILE >>Connect

Then the bottom dialogue box will open.

Go To> EXE > Java > Games

Step 5 : Create new folder in Games  of the name of your Java Game or App. E.g, Opera

Then Open it (It must be blank)  >> Then copy paste your JAR & JAD file there. (You can also navigate from upside dialog box & then download it. Its complicated, so better Copy & Paste)

And that’s it repeat same steps if you want to add more. Then GO to File >> Disconnect

Now you can remove Your Samsung star 3G from USB

Step 6 :

On your keypad type code : *#6984125*#

Then from the list  Select > Internals

Then Enter following password or unlock code there *#9072641*# touch Confirm.

Then Select > Storage Mode

Now first click Update Java DB

Then scroll down & click  Update Apps Database

Guess What You are done  ….

Go back to your phone & application >> Games & More & you ll see your new apps or game appearing & working cool with your star 3G Device.

Please post your queries here & tell me whether its working or not or whatever problem you get so that I can give you the best solution.

Worked for you ?  > > Comment here & we love appreciations

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487 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I was able to follow all the steps xcept copy n paste.
    I am not able to paste the files in to newly created folder. i have only the options of new, delet,n all but no paste..
    pls comment…thnx

  2. In tk explorer i couldn copy n paste it.Instead i was able to drag d files frm my comptuer disc and copy it.Problem wit me is all ended up well till last step,Only sad abt my part is i didnt get any apps loaded.I followed every steps as u said.Pls suggest me or an alternate.Waitin fr ur reply thnak u.

    1. @prase_14

      You avoide to drag & drop. You better download from upper window by right clicking it. OR simply copy & paste it in some folder which have same name as your game/app.

      E>G if you are making folder for OPERA>.JAD & OPERA.JAR Keep it in folder named OPERA

      1. dear juba,

        when i disconnected the device and opened the TTK explorer the COM feild is empty… kindly suggest… my no is 09962554332 and my mail id is [email protected].. i was trying the same procedure for past 6months…

        Manoj K

        1. If you want to get Com port then go to control panel and see phone and modem option you can see the port no so write this port no in to TK file explore text box.I make all type of procedure to install but TK file explore software GIVE error when i copy and paste.If you have any solution then Please Post comments for it.MehulPanchal

  3. Hi,
    I was done all procedure (Step 1 to 6) perfectly according to your tutorial but finally when i opened application >> Games & More, the newer installed applications is not appearing. But when i explored phone by TK file explorer it shows the copied items. Please comment.. Thanking you

    1. Hello Harish,

      You might have missing something in those steps.

      Have you created the folder for that jar & jad files in GAMES & MORE folder ?

      Because only this is when you’ll get this error

      1. Hi Amol,
        This is sunny. Can i run thease same steps of TKFile Explorer for my Samsung Star W (WiFi) model as well. or what would be the best step for the same.


  4. HI,

    Will these steps also applies to Samsung Star WIFI S5233W.
    Please provide the steps for this phone as well.

    I have some more questions for you.. if possible please provide the detsils

    Will i be able to use google talk on my phone after installation of 35983__Nimbuzz.jar application.

    I also can’t see my Orkut communities using web browser error message says ” page is too large”. I also tried mobile version of orkut but could not fine the communities there.

    is there any way i can get these on my phone.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Sandeep,
      I havent tried it on Star WIFI yet. But try it if the unlock code is working then it is fine, But DOnt force anything on it. If it works simply then only try it.

      Again, If you install Nimbuzz, You can do google chat on your phone easily even yahoo chat too.

      Last suggestion is go to from mobile & Directly download some apps from there. You will not need any type of unlocking.

      Try it & lemme know , so i can provide other suggestions

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Yesterday, i could manage to install Nimbuzz on phone and gtalk as working as expected. But i can’t make voice call as it says your phone does not support voice recording from third party software like nimbuzz.. do we have any alternate to it.

    Also i managed to install opera mini browser but it also not able to open the Orkut communities. i tried to open the full version of Orkut as well but no luck. Can i get some help here as well.

    I will visit this site and let you know.

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hii Sandeep,

      Voice recording is not supported on this phone for its own software as well as thir party ones.

      Secondly , to install orkut full version, go to from your mobile browser. and it will work fine

  6. Hi,

    This phone has its own voice recorder and its working fine for me as well. Is this what you are talking about or is there any way we can make use of this in gtalk or yahoo.

  7. Hi Amol
    thank u very much for your tutorial. i think, i helped me perfectly and will help others also. once again thank u

  8. Thank you so much
    i really like that..i install java file in my samsung star 3g
    s 5603 model…..

    U r really nice person…..

  9. Hi Amol,

    I found the issue with Samsung start s5233W, its not having JAVA script enabled browser that’s why we are not able to open orkut communities.

    is there any way we can install java script on this phone.

  10. Hai This is yugandhar i have done all steps but i didnt get the game in application n games i want some audio player for samsungs star 3g i m not happy with defalt player plz tell me which player is suitable for samsung star 3g…….

  11. i followed the steps but then when i tried running the .jar and .jad file that i copied/dragged to “other files” folder,it said unsupported files type.
    kindly help me out

      1. hey, my star phone, how to find game and more folder, its shows only 4 folder, 1. image, sound, other, and video…. plz help? thanx

          1. Thanx for all hard work, Everything work fine, but last games updated in game and more folder, and when i open file , says java error, invalid format…?

            plz plz plz help,

  12. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your help. It all worked on my GT-S5233W.

    Do you have any idea how we can enable the JAVA scripting in internet browsers on this mobile. I have installed opera mini 4.5( i hope this is the right version) but still it shows that java script is not enabled so i can’t open orkut communities on it.

    Please help.


  13. Hi,

    I’m unable to configure mail box in my star 3g phone. Please help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. @Irshad

      These are settings for your GMail mailbox
      Incoming Mail (POP3) Server – requires SSL:
      Use SSL: Yes
      Port: 995

      Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server – requires TLS: (use authentication)
      Use Authentication: Yes
      Use STARTTLS: Yes
      Port: 465 or 587

      Account Name: your full email address (including )
      Email Address: your email address ([email protected] )
      Password: your Gmail password

  14. is this procedure unlocks already installed games or does it helps to install new application to the phone

  15. Hi,

    Yesterday, i installed New browser BOLT on my mobile and use it in Desktop layout and it worked perfectly as it works on desktop. I could open the communities properly.

    Thanks Amol for your valuable suggestion and help provided.

    Thank you very much.


  16. great thanks man its really working and my last long problem is over keep on updating kudos

  17. where can i download java apps for samsung star wifi? need help. is there a yahoo messenger like java application so that i could chat with my samsung star wifi ?

  18. HI,mere pass SAMSUNG STAR GT S5233S hai ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mere pproblem hai mai ES mobile mai application or game download nahi kar pa raha hu ple mai kya karu muje bata de ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mai ne TK EXPLOR DOWNLOAD KIYA per muje port number o softwar nahi le raha mai kya karu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kya port no ho sakta hai o kaha hota hai ple tell me /mail me ……………….MY mobile no 9850178005 [ santosh kadam}
    I waiting u mail ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Namaskar Santosh,

      Yaha pai likhi gayi method Star s5603 ke liye hai aur tum ye star s5233 pe try kar rahe ho. isiliye ye chal nahi raha. Agar aap ko games ya applications install karne hai to aap directly apake mobile browser se par jaiye. Fir aaap waha pe listed koi bhi game ya application download & install automatically kar sakate hai.

      Aapko shayad is badi procedure kii jarurat nahi padegi.

      Try kijiye aur mujhe bataiye agar se koi problem aa raha ho.

        1. Direct file nahi dal sakate. Jar or Jad dono file ek folder banake TK File explore se dalna padega
          . Please read whole procedure carefully & do it step by step.

  19. Dude!!! I love you!!!
    Works Perfect.. And usually something goes wrong with these things, but this time it was 100% great.

    I can’t seem to find touch-BASED games :\
    Do you know somekind of a site with such games made special for touchscreen?

  20. When I go to Settings and then COM Port, I’m not getting any options in the drop down menu! Why is that? I’ve been trying really hard to figure it out…but i don’t know what’s wrong! 🙁

    1. @Ankita,

      Before you connect TKfileexplore , first disconnect the phone from Samsung New PC Studio. By right clicking on it. Then only you’ll see COM Port in it

  21. Hi,

    I have samsung star gt-s5233w. According to your steps, i went well, but i created a folder in games naming “applications-games”, and then i tried to create another folder in it, now when i try to delete that, I am not able to do that. Please help. Also, when i try to paste the jad and jar files in a folder, it doesn’t paste, i also tried clicking right of my mouse and pasting, but it doesn’t show any option to paste.

    Could you please help me out..

    Thanks a lot.

    1. @Bhaskar


      Don’t create folder in games folder of name application. Just create folder you want for game or app. Mean first go to games & app >> then create folders of your games directly. You’re creating one extra folder, so it is not working for you

  22. How can we uninstall application on Samsung S233w. I want to uninstall NIMBUZZ and opera mini


    1. Simply delete application. As it is not an OS, it does not need proper uninstallation. Deleting app will also delete files associated with it.

  23. Hi Amol,

    That’s the point, that if I want to delete the folders which I have created in the GAMES folder, it doesn’t delete, it freezes and then disconnects.

    Kindly help as to how to delete those files.. Can we have a chat on yahoo or any other IM, i would really appreciate it.


    Also, wanted to know if there is any antivirus program for this phone GT-S5233W

  24. Sir, i have followed every instructions correctly but while downloading desktop top games the content in the folder wil not copt fully an error msg i’m getting like application pls help me fast i wil b waiting for you answer

  25. Hi,

    To delete the application form your mobile samsung start s5233W

    Go to Menu> games and more > delete > select the application to delete> and finally delete.

    All done..

  26. i have a S5233 but in TF file setting …. in COM there is no port id so cant proceed further… help!

  27. Actually when i connect the phone to PC and open the TK explorer, I dont get any com ports to select, the drop down box doesnot contain any com port as a result I am not able to use TK explorer for installing games in my samsung star 5233s.. Kindly help……………

  28. Hi Amol,

    I have a Samsung GT5233-LKSINS. I’m not able to see the port name in TKFileExplorer. I disconnected my phone from my PC, and tried various things u mentioned on this site.

    What could be the missing link?

  29. hey
    they are nt showin me any COMP PORT
    & will i lose warranty of my phone by doin dis???
    thanks & pls rply

  30. hi,
    when i m playing game in samsung star 3g then the key on to the to avoid the key display when i m playing game.

  31. hi amol
    i have a s5233 wifi the wifi does nt get connected to any
    wifi network, whn i try it shows no response from ap or authentication failed can u help me

  32. Hi…. My problem starts from the first step it self, the moment i click COM, the port field is empty yaar, i tried to add some number but it does not take it,,, please help me out and ya i want to install directional compass, but i dont know how to do it, please be kind enough to help me out… waiting eagerly to hear fro you..Kindly help……….

  33. I follow the steps up to 4, after I select connect it showing some error “The Communication link lost”. Can you help me in this regards,


  34. I follow the steps up to 4, after I select connect it showing some error “The Communication link lost”. Can you help me in this regards.

    Samsung S5603


  35. Hi….I just downloaded a .jar file for compass on my pc, please guide me how should i install the same on my Samsung GT-S5603…I will be thankful to you………Kindly help…

  36. hi..
    i was complete all process but my application is not in game and more. the application is in phone memory and i could not use the game and applicatin so
    i tried bur always written unsupported file
    plsssssssssssssssssss help me
    its urgent

  37. Hi….Finally I have installed compass file, on my Samsung phone(GT-S5603) following your instructions, but it is not working yaar, it is not showing the position of Sun, please kindly help me out, looking forward for valuable suggestions, hope you will take-out some of your valuable time to solve my problem,..

  38. hi,amol i try all step but after doing all step it can’t show any app that i udate by your process. i drop only jar file in app folder.can i drop jad file also in same folder of same application.tell me

  39. hi amol,
    I just want to thanX you for your valuable work, I followed your instructions and now my DumBox gt-s5603 has some good intrtnmnt, Thanx a lot dear.

    Dear if you hav some thing on how to use rss feeds on star 3g,plz do post it or plz provide some technology related rss feeds links

    One more problm i am unable to see the histry of my web browser,and unable to save any page so that i can read it l8r
    help me plz

  40. hey can u plz guide me about this cel…..n most probebly i want to know abt msg memory coz i hv gt this cel b4 smdays n it shows msg memory full delete sm msgs…… pls help me………

    1. @Ankita,

      Sure I will help you this cell.

      Basically, It have 500 Message memory only. In which also 200 for inbox, 200 for outbox & 100 fr drafts & others.

      So after you finish 200, you need to delet them or simply move them to FOLDERS in message menu. It will store on your phone then.

  41. Thanks buddy,
    it really worked and now am able to install the applications, and also worked to make it full screen application , thanks a lot.
    great find man

  42. @sandeep
    how did you install the bolt browser help pls…I’ve followed what amol instructed but still no luck. my unit is s5233w pls help…thanks

  43. Hello Amol
    Purchased this phone(5603) a month before. I have downloaded many applications from net to my computer.
    After that tried the procedure to install these applications on my phone.
    But no luck 🙁

    My very first problem is, when I connect my phone to Samsung PC studio, the PC studio starts up properly. But the Phone icon is not displayed properly.
    So from PC studio, I was not able to disconnect the phone.

    I tried to connect as mass storage, then disconnect the phone.
    After this tried to connect the phone in TK File explorer. Here also I didn’t get any luck.

    Can you please help me out for this problem ?
    you can get in touch with my on my mail id – [email protected]

    Many thanks in advance


  44. Hi,
    Is there any way to install games on Samsung gt s5233w wifi?It installs when u download directly in your mobile.
    How can i install jar or jad file which i hv downloaded using pc.I tried the method mention above but in Tk explorer it is not showing and Port available.
    Plz help

      1. Thanks for the reply,
        I did as u said but it still not showing any port. I downloaded new Tk explorer also. I m not doing any mistake in above steps.

  45. I finish all steps but i dont see new apps in my games and app folder can somebody help me?? thx

    1. @Gibly,

      Steps are perfect, either you have missed making folder for each game or you making wrong steps. By the way it is only applicable to samsung star 3G S5603 & not on samsung star s5233

  46. when i try to install the jadmaker i get an error “application failed to initialize. click ok to terminate the application” please help..

  47. hi thanks to all for nice views and suggestion..but in my case…when i open TK file explorer it doesn’t show the COM4 or any port if i enter it manually its doesn’t take it will u please tell me the solution of this problem…i will be heartily thankful to all of u..

  48. wow, its work for install only,

    but while i click on icon of application or game

    error apperar like “JAVA ERROR INVELID FORMAT”

    please suggest for this error

  49. hey the applications dont have any jad file
    will it still work??
    im gettin same problem ie the icon of application isnt seen

  50. Hi I have gone through each step. but notthin happens. all steps went well and when i went to games and more i cant see anything there (no applications installed) i have tried creating separate folders for each application but still its not working. do we really need to paste jar and jad files (both together)?

  51. this is an excellent post which i was searching for the last one month….it worked perfectly fine for me on my S5603…thanks

    1. Are you using star 3g or samsung star ??

      Because this trick is not for samsung star. Secondly, if you are using star 3G, you better first connect in PC studio mode then disconnect from that NPS software then open TK explorer. Read this comment thread it is discussed several times why this doeesn not work.

  52. hey dude i opened d tk file explorer and followed d insteuctions given below but as i go to settings nd select COM a dialogue box appears where ders empty space in d port column m unable to get d port as der r no ports given by default plzzz help me in tis plzzz provide me wid d port

    1. @Chirag, are you using star 3g or samsung star ??

      Because this trick is not for samsung star. Secondly, if you are using star 3G, you better first connect in PC studio mode then disconnect from that NPS software then open TK explorer. Read this comment thread it is discussed several times why this doeesn not work.

      1. kk kool thanx a lot dude nd if u can tell me how to do des thins in samsung star il b highly oblighed

  53. Hello Mobile Guru,
    My name is Prem.
    I have samsung s3500i. when i install a java game & app. it show java error invalid format.
    and also when tring to install java game & app. more than 200kb.
    Plz solve my problem

  54. when i m doing the process of installing,aftr disconnecting my phone frm pc suite,in tk explorer i m nt getting anything in port m unable to anything beyond kindly help.

  55. Hi i have to samsung preston s5603 and i have tried putting both Jar files and Jad files onto the phone and it always says it doesnt support it. Was just wondering if i can get help on this please.

  56. Hello Amol,

    I have a S5603. I did everything precisely as instructed. I copied the .jad file in a folder. Unlocked the phone and updated the java and application database.However, after doing all of it the applications still do not show up in the “Games and More” list !! Do you have any idea why ? Appreciate the help. and keep up the good work.

    1. Also, my S5603 will not access It says access denied. I dont know if you have a workaround for that but all help is appreciated. Thanks in adv!!

      1. Try to open,

        There must be no problem in openung , or you can search from google from your mobile browser, then open it from there …

      1. Sorry been offline for a while. Your diagnosis is correct amol. I realized that I was not pasting the .jad and .jar files together. Works perfectly now. Thanks !!!

    1. Open cellphone first in PS studio mode, Then open PC studio then disconnect cell from PC studio, Then open TK file explorer. then only you can connect with TK file explorer

      1. hi amol
        after doing that also its not working
        it gives message communication link is lost
        plz help me out.

  57. Dear Friend
    I have Star-3G Model No: GT-S5603.
    TKFile Exp just shows MSG
    ‘Error: The Communication link is lost’
    When opened TK file exp. it shows COM3, but there is no COM3 and only COM1 in my computer.
    I changed it, but not working…

    Kindly save me with any suggestion soon please…Thanks alot in advance.

  58. Hey.. I just bought a new Corby Plus, and the Master code *#6984125*# does nothing… Could u plz suggest how to install games on Corby Plus….

  59. Tried everything, But Error:The Communication link lost” still there.

    Reinstalled all drivers.

    In hardware profile, My phone is detected as Samsung Mobile Modem, could that be an issue?? how can I change it the.??

    Dont knw where I am going wrong.

    Please help

  60. when i try to install the jadmaker i get an error “application failed to initialize. click ok to terminate the application” please help

  61. Hi Amol,

    am from these steps will work on my samsung jet s8000?

    thnaking u in advance


  62. hey, im sorry but im only 14 and i dont really understand anything after step 3. i went to settings in the new pc studio thingo and it had nothing that said ‘COM Port’ please explain all this, im hopeless at computers!! thankyou

  63. stuck on step 4
    i went file and clicked conect and on the bottom left hand corner i only see phone (P:)
    and don’t see Exe > java > games..
    Please help 🙁

  64. Hi Amol, am planning to buy samsung star 3G mobile very soon,hence please reply to some of my queries ASAP,,1)can i use this phone in new zealand,2)can i load skype on this mobile. Thank you ,would be greatful to you if u cud help me out on this

    1. Hey rock, sorry i missed that you can use skype if you hvae a 3G data plan, but it will not work on your GPRs connection. You can use skype or fring client for that.

  65. stuck on step 4
    i went file and clicked conect and on the bottom left hand corner i only see phone (P:)
    and don’t see Exe > java > games..
    Please help asap

  66. I have tried the above steps..I can see the application in Applications->Games and more
    but when i open the game it gives error – “Java error. Invali Format”
    how to solve this issue..

  67. Dear Amol

    When i disconnected the device and opened the TK explorer the COM feild is empty… kindly suggest… my no is 09962554332 and my mail id is [email protected].. i was trying the same procedure for past 6months…

    Manoj K

  68. i have my samsung 3g mobile. when i tried the steps to “connect” as suggested to install the jad file using TK file explorer i cant connect and i receive a error massage as ” the communication link is lost”.

    can anyone suggest me with a solution..

    with regards,

      1. hai yaar,, i have disconnected the phone shown on right top corner..still it is not connecting via TK

  69. Hi I need to Install a Software bible be let me know what is to be done would i need to follow the same procedure

  70. mine is samsung gt s5603 iam unable to get games even after installing by seeing the steps mentioned by you can you please help me on this???????

  71. stuck on step 4
    i went file and clicked conect and on the bottom left hand corner i only see phone (P:)
    and don’t see Exe > java > games..
    Please help asap

  72. I have samsung Star 3G Mobile. Whenever I check my gmail account, i cann’t see the image which comes on my mail.

  73. Hi Amol,

    I Have Sam Star Wi-fi mobile, i have donload opera 5 beta and aslo gmail mobile application sucessfully but while opening thes application it will shows certificate eroor.

    Please Help.

    thanks in advance

    1. Hey Regan,

      I have done it too, but no error like that. You can either reinstall it , or try to install it from or same sites like that. Try it & reply so I can help u with this.

      1. Amol,

        I Have tried all thet things while opera will open sucessfully but when i enter any web address for some time it will shows as loading but after some time it will shows the error mesaage i.e.[(connection Failed)”Verification of Server certificate failed.please check the date setting in your phone”]
        This is also happening for Gmail application.

        Please help yarr….Thaks

          1. No Yarr
            Bcoz mobile office or GPRS settings was perfectly working on my dfault
            browser.also cheked for Opera
            settings but their is no option
            like that.

            is third party applications are
            supported on Samsung star?

          2. Yes third party apps works on it perfectly. I dont know whats wrong with your cell. But you have to do it by trial & error, Have you tried method explained in this post?

  74. while i connect from tk file exp an error is coming after step 4 “the communication link is lost” i did all the things according to your advice pls help me

  75. hi, i flash my GT-S5233W to S5230W__ my phone changed to Europe firmware, I’m from the philippines. Pls. help me to install again the firmware from original firmware S5233W. My phone changes specially the SMS>>pls. help

  76. Hi Amol

    I have just come across a software called samsung xxxx downloader I havent used this software yet

    Does it download your java applications

    I tried your way but couldnt get it done because the tk exp crashed

    Please let me know if it would work I need to install a bibles


    [email protected]

  77. I have a GT-S5600 and in 5 minutes I did it. Easy to do and useful. Thank you very much.

    from Romania, Rm. Valcea

      1. i am using samsung gt s5603 if i want what ever iam doing on my phone same thing can done on my telivision via cable i have recenly take this phone what is the benifit in this phone vs nokia express music screen touch

      2. yaah dude this inbuilt document viewer sucks.
        does star NXT supports adobe PDF viewer and mini opera?
        the inbuilt browser’s speed is also not effective n most of the time its request times out
        I’d appreciate if you reply.?

      3. hii i tried tk file explorer but in settings they are asking the port
        so in that what i have to write plz explain ????

    1. after i go to connect, after sometime the msg is comminf that communication link lost
      what should i do

      1. am getting communication link is lost error wht shud i do in that case???????

      2. after i go to connect, after sometime the msg is comminf that communication link lost
        what should i do

    2. thank u so much for the cool step by stpe guide, got it done in a flash. Thx very much once again

    3. porfavor q hay q hacer en el paso 3 no entiendo: Abrir los conocimientos tradicionales Explorador de archivos
      Ir a>> Configuración

    4. Hi all

      I am using sam sung Start 3g Gt S 5603 and i tried the same steps what was shown above..And i used the Tk explore to copy the file,everything was done the same..But when i looked on games and more,I cant see anything,except the default locked programs..Please help me in this…

  78. I would be extremely grateful, if u provide similar exercise for corby plus. I desperately want a pdf viewer. is it posible?

  79. my mobile not connect it show ….communication link is lost error then wht should i do ???????

      1. sir i have the same problem i did disconnect the device from my pc studio yet it displays connection lost wen trying to connect pls help me out

      2. Hey dear . i did as u mentioned above. and tkexplorer worked for me and i was able to transfer the file.
        but the problem is when i trnsfr jar file tkexplorer hangs and then terminate autometically. it only hppns for jar file of each program not jad.

  80. sir, i can’t able to install jadmaker please could you tell me how can i install jad maker

  81. Sir can you please mail me the code for opening pre-configuration in Samsung GT-S5603(Star 3G).

    After entering *#6984125*#
    Thanking you in advance..

  82. I Want to Free GPRS Access (Surfing) Tips or Any Software free Access for Vodafone mobile postpaid conection

    Mo.Handset Samsung Satar3g

    Have you Any Tips so please help me

    I hope You Reply me As soon As


        1. I tried up to stage 3, then under settings, the COM is empty. I tried to connect as it is, cant. I try keying in the COM as COM, cant too. please help.

          I’m using S5233W

          1. typin der just com s nt enuf…u need to specify d port no. u get me? lik com1 com2.try one by one…u may get it…i think…

  83. i followed each step
    though wen i check to see if the game is installd, it has not appeard
    i dragd in a .jar file but am i suppose to put it throught the jadmaker?

  84. I have a probkems. TKFile explorer doesn’t show any ports. I tried everything you said here setp by step and in diferent ways

      1. hey i hav installed TkFileExplorer & as per ur instructions i m nt able 2 enter port…pls help me n giv me port

  85. hi friends
    my problem is that when i drag/drop any .jar files in tk file expolar it crash what is promlem pls help me.

    1. Hi Payush,

      You can not drag & drop in TK File explorer, You have to browse hrough folder in TK file Explorer & download it to your mobile.

  86. sir i did disconnect the device from my pc studio yet it displays connection lost wen trying to connect pls help me out

  87. I have a samsung CorbyPlus (B3410) can you tell me will this work for my phone??? configuration code doesn’t I know… I need wallkthru… how to install games and app’s on my phone via bluethoot… can you help me??? tnx

  88. Dear Amol,

    I have samsung star 3g mobile. Please tell me how to activiate call waiting funtion.

  89. i have a samsung S5600 preston and after all steps i don’t find the folder creat in Exe/JAva/Games in Applications/Games and More… Please Help

  90. when i download the .jar file in my samsung GT-S5603 mobile, but the error is coming “file not supported’ pls help, how can i install games or applications in this.

  91. every time i click on jadmaker it says the application failed to initialize properly (0x0000135).Can u please help me with this thanx

  92. when i click on “+phone” displayed on left bottom it hangs n i can’t proceed further.
    so what to do now…………..
    is there any way or some alternative.

  93. using star GT-S5233W…the above method doesnt seem to work for my can you tell me another method to install java apps and games on my mobile..please and thanks..

  94. When I type in the code in keypad nothing happens :s..

    I have a Samsung S5600V preston,

    PLS help 🙁

  95. i m not able to detect any com port in the file explorer. tried puttinf all manually but of no use. pls show me some other way to install applications in Samsung Star s5233.

  96. I bought new samsung 3g star s5603 and i found difficult downloading sbi freedom mobile banking application(jar file) to my handset, so i tried as you have said through tk file explorer, but i could not paste the file into the sbi freedom folder i created, pl help.

  97. Hi,

    I have installed a PDF reader on my Samsung star 3g. I followed all the instructions as mentioned above, But I cannot see the application in My phone in Games and Applications. What may be the problem? Have I missed some thing? Please help.
    Thanks in Advance.

      1. Hi Amol,

        Thanks for replying.

        I followed the same procedure again. But its not appearing in my Applications. I had tried with other reader software, it had appeared in my applications, But this mobile PDF reader is not appearing. Please help


  98. i have done full procedure for games but i cant see the games in games & more….plz solve the problem…

  99. i am not able to disconnect my phone,pls guide me frm where 2 disconnect.i dont see any ph icon on my taskbar…….pls help

  100. hey amol after pasting a jar or jad flle in the new folder in phone do we have to install it i didnt understand that

  101. amol thx for answering me, but still tell me do i have to do the all 6 steps u mentioned everytime or is it a one time application

  102. Hey Amol..
    YOU ARE AN AMAZING GUY !! I seriously can’t thank u enough for the stuff that u’ve posted here.. I was so let down by my phone that i actually atopped using it for a while, until i chanced upon ur blog !!

  103. hey amol i followed the procedure. i installed opera but there is no sign of it in application->games. what should i do plz HELP!

  104. sir can i use samsung star 3G as a PDA? if yes then how can you please elaborate me, i want to install the files which are in use on a PDA mobile.

    thank you

  105. Hey there,

    That was really COOL, i have loads of games & was wondering if i could ever put them in my samsung star, tried the net to know how but no luck until i found this amazing step by step instructions, man & all the games just work amazing fine, thanks a million buddy.

    Now i am sure i have not wasted my money by buying the piece of beauty (samsung star)

    Cheers mate!!!!

  106. Hi,
    I have samsung star mobile.I tried tk explorer it worked but following code is not working for my phone *#6984125*# .Do u have any other code for it?Im finding it more than a week.I need ur help plzzzz help me.

  107. Hello..
    I´ve ended up on this page searching for the Admin Code for Samsung Blade.
    I´ve tried *#6984125*# and several others, but none seems to work..

    Btw, on another subject, try copying the games/ programs ( just the .jar file ) to your cell, and then run it from there. It will automatically install and run them.
    Works for me.

    If anyone knows the Samsung Gt-S6500V ( AKA Samsung Blade ) Admin Code for Pre-Config Settings, I´d honnestly appreciate the answer.

    Thank you very much.

  108. hi amol ,

    i think u r doing a fr8 job . please help me out on this . how can i change my message memory status of samsung star 3g from phone memory to external sd-card memory . the phone memory only has inbuilt capacity to store 500 messages which is an absolute let off regarding this phone which otherwise is really gr8 .please help me out on this . thanking u .

  109. hey dude you are great but can u install .swf file or flash player to samsung star 3g to watch videos of other website then youtube on mobile pls work on it

  110. hi!

    i am searching for new firmware for my samsung star 3g GT-S5600. so can you please help me for this. i will very very thank full to you

  111. i have samsung star 3g gt s5603 mobile i want to install jar file but i can’t then tell me how big file supported and how to install and which formats are supported?

  112. hi.. my set is S5603..i wanna to install skype/nimbuzz on my cel.. i followed the steps u mentioned..evrything worked well.. but whn i opened my games nd more.. after intallation.. there is nothing in it.. no new s/w or folder appeared there….please help me out..its urgent dear.. waitin…

    1. There is chance that you are making folder step in wrong way. Please repeat the procedure carefully, it worked for many guys out there.

      1. alrite.. i think i d/w the skype from the link u provided here for nimbuzz.. is appeared as broken.. i think bec of this it is not working.. please send me the version of nimbuzz whcih ll work wid my cel phone proply..nd do tell me its folder name.. my id is [email protected] please do mail me amol… i ll wait.. nd thanks for rplying.. nd 1 thing more.. ur work is awesome..thanks dear..

  113. Nice advice worked fine. One small change, “Storage Mode” isn’t on my Samsung s5600, it is “Storage settings” instead.

  114. Hey buddy after 9 months of purchase of my phone, finally I have got something THAT WORKS….thanks high time…keep it up…

  115. Hi Amol I want to unlock my *3G to install applications suggested by u i.e. NIMBUZZ ,UCIWEB ,WALLPAPER CREATOR etc. but i have following querries . 1) will my cell be unlocked permanantly ? 2)should I download applications before or after unlocking ?3) Is there any risk for my cell ? 4)which flash player will be suitable for my *3G ? kindly reply . thanking you .

    1. Hii Pankaj, You seem to be very possessive with your phone. Here are answers to all your questions.
      1) This trick will not unlock your phone permanently, You need to follow same for each time you install applications. To unlock permanently you need to upgrade the firmware to some European version.
      2) You must download apps before unlocking.
      3) No risk for your cell in this trick but risk is there in case of FIRMWARE UPGRADING.
      4) Flash player cant be installed in Star 3G, recent flash version flash lite is not supported. But good news is you can play all flash files (i.e. .swf files) by default in Samsung star 3G

  116. hi
    can u suggest some ebookreader for samsung star 5233 as .pdf reader is not very good. changing pages is very difficult.


    1. yes thats right. can anyone gives us a site where we can download ebook reader. the pdf and ms viewer of samsung star wifi are useless.. you cant even read a single page alone…

  117. Hi, When I open TKfileExplorer there is no COM available.. I have samsung S5230. Do you know what I can do?

  118. I am using sam sung Start 3g Gt S 5603 and i tried the same steps what was shown above..And i used the Tk explore to copy the file,everything was done the same..But when i looked on games and more,I cant see anything,except the default locked programs..Please help me in this…

    1. than lans step to no and password than i am goging this option but not work in games option this copy game and application

  119. m using s5299s
    when i open jad maker
    it doesnt open and there is an error msg omes
    plz help me

      1. Hi AmolSir,
        UR Don in This,
        I have follwed all the steps but still in problem, Dont why tk Explorer Crasher imediately as download/paste given

  120. the TK file explorer crashes down when I am downloading the .jar file…………..How can that be stopped…….because everything else seems to be working fine!!!
    Plz someone help me!!

    Does having windows 7 affect the working of tk file explorer???

  121. hello dear
    i have samsung star 3G (GT-S5603)
    i have tried to open games in mobile which have java supported file but mobile shows not supported file can you tell me how i can install in mobile and give me some website for downloading games and wallpaper and i have another one problem is there any facility for starting wifi in mobile if there is please send me procedure

  122. Its not working for am unable to see any COM ports in setting box its blank. 🙁

    plz help me out

  123. Dear Amol,
    I have a query regarding samsung s5603, i.e. message memory capacity of phone is 500 but its showing full after 250 messages.

    Plz help me how i can store at least 500 messages.

  124. hi amol it is not letting me download the jar file into the phone i can only download the jad i tried making it win xp but it still doesnt work please help

  125. when i am doing the same it dont shows past option on it. so please help me how to copy games to phon

  126. hey some reason i can only download jad files into the phone it wont let me download the jar is it because i have a s5233s?? please help me amol

  127. i don’t really understand 🙁 I have a gt-s5230 and i have found some exe files but what do i have to do with them? And where can i get free games and wallpapers and themes and stuff?

  128. i have done the samething as u have said but i cant find any new games which i loaded it in the mobile.should i have to covert the games into jad format. i got downloaded the games from mobile9 website. i have gt-s5603 mobile.

  129. Hi
    I have a samsung star s5233s
    When i try to click download, tk file explorer crashes and windows asks whether i wanna send an error report…

    Plz help me!!
    I’m desperate

  130. heu whin i select COM port it says-“not all fields are sey” and port field is blank
    what should i do??

  131. instead of tk explorer nd pc studio nd etc..etc.. u can just copy paste it in any linux explorer…..i used ubuntu..i take credit for this find

  132. i installed ebuddy on my samsung corby and it worked and everything then after i closed it i couldnt find the icon to open it again ! ? can u tell me please where is the file to re-open a previously installed program ?

  133. HI AMOL,

    Once i click on the file-> connect-> an error message pops Warning: Unable to open the specified port . Please try again, I am unable to open after clicking the ok also.

    Please suggest

  134. For Samsung Star Wifi (GT-S5233W)
    If the java .jar doesn’t install do the following

    1. JAD Creator: create a .jad file and copy both .jar and .jad to a folder your created in “My files” then go there from the phone and click on the jad file and it is installed

    ..(in case you have only JAR file)


  136. Dear Amol,
    I have a query regarding samsung s5603.
    I had went through all the steps..after all when i open the games folder,there is nothing new in that folder.What should i do..?

    please help…..


  137. wen m selecting COM from settings in the TK file explorer,nothing is displayed in the port dropdown .its blank..wat shud i do??

  138. what if i have a samsung corby s3650? i need the password…
    please help asap

  139. Dear Sir, I am use the samsung 5233 mobile but i have paste the .jar or .jad file in phone. And click the .jar or .jad the error will be display unsupported file….

    Pls help me ….

  140. hey i have the same problem with the COM ports.. i reffered to ur last response to enter 1 2 or 3 in the port box nothing worked just say that its unable to connect what shall i do?

  141. It really works mann!!! I m lovin it!!!!!!!Down comes the rainfall down down down………….I feel like dancing in the sunlight……..with winds blowing along me…………….I am in a paradise………..Though its a virtual one…….cucumbers bananas

  142. gostaria de saber se é possivel instalar outro tipo de gps no samsung star 3! tipo o garmim ou sygic?

  143. when i am trying to copy or download the required app files to the games folder in TkFile Explorer, it closes with an error massage without copying the files in the game folder.
    Can anybody help me in this regard.

  144. I have Samsung S5233W. I went to step 6 to make sure I have it ready for that, every thing was OK until it asked for the password, I couldn’t enter *#9072641*# simply because I don’t have the screen keyboard! So, must I have an external keyboard; or there is another workaround?
    Thanks in advance

  145. hi Amol thanx a lot for such a detailed answer .It all worked perfectly & am enjoying my cell like never before.sorry for d delayed reply.

  146. its not working pls give the solution and i have done all the steps but its not working

    1. When i connect my mobile to samsung pc studio and go to that program i dont see a port.
      My usb driver is installed great.
      But when i open Tk File Explorer i cant click on a port
      whats the problem?
      plz help

    2. Best Way To Install Apps-
      1)download the game or software u want to download but it should be of .jar format.for eg’ i hav downloaded NFSSHIFT.jar
      2) open notepad
      3)copy this to notepad:
      install APPLICATIONNAME.jar
      4)now replace APPLICATIONNAME with the game you hav downloaded…in my case i will replace it with NFSSHIFT
      5)now save it as APPLICATIONNAME.html..again replace APPLICATIONNAME with ur game name..
      6)now transfer the html file and jar file to your fone via bluetooth or usb
      7)on your fone go to my files and then click on APPLICATIONNAME.html..then click on the link

      And Your Apps/Games Should Work

      1. amol i right clicked it, there is only option for upload and delete.. i cannot download or paste or drag and drop there.. pls help me 🙁

          1. hi i m kalai.
            i done all things correctly but still not get game in my mobile..give me one solution..

        1. you most open the drive which you put the games folder on the above. the down is your phone then you can right click on it and then you can see the download option

        2. While using TK EXPLORER you will see the window in two parts . one with the options of your phone and other window allows you to explore your computer. there will be many drives and so. just open your file location., there in tk explorer and drag it down to the games section of your phone. after that … well amol wagh is the leader

  147. Hi Amol,
    thanks a lot the info, according to the comments it has worked for a lot of people so i must be doing something wrong. I have a GT 5603 and have followed the directions but tk file explorer says ‘comm link lost’I read in prev comm that it could be because pc studio was not disconnected but i tried again and it still not working could it be because i have downloaded pc studio from the net and dont have a cd version? pls revert thanks a lot

  148. *#6984125*# this code is not working in my samsung star next

    and TkfieExplore is showing error: The communication link not found

    Ple.. Help
    Email me at [email protected]


    1. TkfieExplore is showing error: The communication link not found..same problem is here and i am opened the pc studio but problem is still here…plz help


  149. All the one who get the “communication lost” error: You dont have to open Samsung PC Studio..just choose “PC Studio” connection when you plug in the USB and open TK file explorer.

  150. hi………..
    can u jus temme tht be4r doin dis process our data vl remove or nt??? n if i wanna 2tk backup of my msg den watz d process for tht??? i hv tryd using pc studio bt aftr tht itz bcumin .NFS file…….
    wic is nt readable…so plz give shw me sum othr method…
    thnkz wid lotz of regardz……

  151. hi friends plz help to solve problem in my samsung star 3g s5603.i followed all the step to install java in my phone but when i update java application then no file seen in my phone menu application. so any one know about it so plz email me very quiqly and fast. thanks in adv

  152. hi champs, there is problem here thet is.i had done your all steps for java apllication install in samsung star 3g but in my phone that file didnt seen in games & apllication.what i do? please email me

  153. hi when i open the tk file i go to settings
    then i select COM and then click ok but it said ” warning: not all field are set. press ok to return to editing mode.” so wad do i do???help!!

  154. I am having a problem with accessing the folders. “Then the bottom dialogue box will open.” In my case the phone gets connected, but the folders below will not get opened…

  155. when i’m transferring the game folder to EXE > Java > Games> new folder>> , only jad file is getting transferred, and im getting message — warning : unexpected has occured during file transfer

    what do i do 🙁

  156. When i doi the com port thing theres no com there i click the drop down menu but thres nothing there either

  157. hey….followed all the steps but still the game application does no show in my phone games n app..

  158. hi, the tutorial is very nice and helpful, and i got every step right except the last one. i am not able to see the apps that i installed after updating the java DB and java apps DB

  159. after creating the game folder there is no option of paste,its showing view, arrange & new folder.please help me.

  160. I ve star 3G !! but i cracked my phone and now it is s5600 !!! I performed actually same steps as u hd suggested but it isnt working !!! pls help !!! email me back !!

  161. i hav star s5233 firstly i connected my star to pc.then i disconected it frm samsung pc studio.then wen i open tkfile there is no port written and wen i click on ok an error comes

    not all feilds are ok for return to editing mode..

    if u can the pls help me.

  162. I disconnected my Samsung s5603 the Samsung PC Studio & tried to use Tk File Explorer to connect my phone.I find the port,but when trying to connect,it said connection link is lost.I had tried lots of time and it works a few day ago.I reinstall it too.

  163. i have samsung star wifi s5233w. i have set debug to high (master code, internals) then my phone restart, when it opens, it shows “upload data to pc”. what will i do? i cant use my phone =(

  164. in the Tk file Explorer settings if u find the port field empty then manual enter COM1 and try until COM17… Connection should be established within that range…
    After that when copying the application is getting closed!!! don no y…
    And the copied files is not being shown in the phone and the code *#6984125*# is not being recognized!!!!!
    Please help!!!!!!!!!


  166. Hi, great post thanks – I really appreciate people like you helping everyone else out – you really make a difference in this world!!!

    I have the same problem as mentioned above.. TKFileExplorer showing error “Error: The communication link is lost.” it does this after waiting for a while (I assume while it’s talking to the phone as other COM ports came back immediately).

    For those who don’t know which port – go into Device Manager (hold down windows-key and press Pause/Break – or via control panel) and under Modems there should be a Samsung Mobile Modem – look at it’s properties (dbl-click on it) and select the Modem tab – it’ll show it’s Port at the top (in my case COM9).

    Any idea on how to get past this “communication link lost” error? or is there another way to transfer the files?

    Thanks very much
    Tim H

  167. this stuff is cool but keep in mind it is something like tampering wid ur fone software because the codes (*#6984125*# & *#9072641*#)
    applying this code may make ur fone unstable (if used it many times)
    i hav used this codes many times on sgh l700 two month ago
    and now the phone gives diff kinds of error and sometimes automatically gets swithched off.

    now i am having star 3g and still going to do the same. but only twice or thrice

    am not discouraging it. but just giveng u a warning

  168. I followed every step and still i dont see my folder in Games pls help me !!!
    Thanks in advance!!!

  169. Thank you very much man…I just got bored of my samsung star 3g but after reading your articles i m getting interested in it…lolz…you added a new dimension in my expirence….thanx for the tips…please keep publishing tips as soon as possible….

  170. hey anmol i followed each step correctly but when i opened it on my cell it shows “JAVA ERROR INVALID FORMAT”
    pls help me

  171. I found error after clicking connect from file. Any solution for this. The error is “The communication port is lost.”

  172. Hi friends plz help to solve problem in my samsung star 3g s5603. i wanna 2tk backup of my msg den watz d process for tht???

  173. Hi amol i got new trick to install games samsung star. just go to ( ) and download named ( install games in mmc ) now you have ALPESH.html file . put this file in mmc any folder . now your ****.jar named game rename to ( ALPESH ) but don’t forget the ALPESH.html and your jar file in same folder. now touch the ALPESH.html and click on install. now your game was installed. any problem inform me. my email [email protected] .

  174. i m using samsumg star 3g i tried all above steps but still my TKFile Explore gives error ” communication lost” please help wat should i do for successful upload.


  175. Hi,

    i want to buy samsung star 3g. i want to know it is a good phone or not because i have heard that it hangs ofte, does not have good music, it does not support vibration mode for calling profile.

    Plz help me out…..

  176. hi i have done that and it is working but the seconde time i tried to do it i pressed by mistake somethink else instead of update java and it started updating a few things like msg and contacts and after the phone restarted! now i dont have my messages anymore and it is not reading the latin alphabet in the contacts! can someone please help! i am not that intrested about my msgs but i want my contacts back!



  179. also in TK setting….in front of potr colum…
    there is nothing to choose…plz tell me what to do…

  180. there is empty box in front of the PORT COLUMN…
    U R WORK IS REALLY appreciable…..gr8 job dude…KEEP IT UP…plz reply as soon as possible….UR FRIEND IS WAITING FOR UR REPLY…

  181. hey i hv solved all above probs but now after entering *#6984125*# this code…no response by cel phone samsung s5233s…now wht to do ……i hv almost done this….just need ur help for this step…thanx a lot again

    1. @mahesh
      the code that you entered is not for s5233s. For that model the code is *#5239870*# and the inernal password is *#7092463*#. let me know if this works for you.

      I have the exact same model and have finished updating the Java db, but the games/ apps don’t show in the phone. does it show for you after you’re done with the above process?


  182. Hey Amol,

    I got through the whole process after a few glitches and now everything is done but even after update java db nothing is shown on the phone. Any particular reason why? I followed the steps exactly like you have outlined..

    1. Richard I think u are an advanced user. I think u better upgrade your firmware.

      It will do any java app install one click on phone, no tricks needed.


  183. hey there is no paste option, i tried reinstalling it many times but there is no solution…. pls help !!!!

  184. Hello I tried it its not working and I think the reason may be my pc studio doesnt detect the phone any solutions please am using windows 7 32 bit

    1. One of my reader have good comment for you

      the code that you entered is not for s5233s. For that model the code is *#5239870*# and the inernal password is *#7092463*#. let me know if this works for you.

      I have the exact same model and have finished updating the Java db, but the games/ apps don’t show in the phone. does it show for you after you’re done with the above process?

      (Thanks Richard for solution)

  185. hey amol, i hv done it….my ph is showing apps…but only prob is it is not working because i m not able 2 copy .jar file correctly in same folder of apps…at time of copying .jar file
    error is taking place…and tk is not working after error comes…plz help

  186. i followed all the steps to install game but when i checked there is no game installed in my phone. my phone is samsung star 3g. plese help me out. i m waiting for ur reply.

  187. Sir, I have Samsung corby pro {GT-B5310}. what is my my model code and internal password for java database update.

  188. hi anmol i have star nxt and i followed the steps given by you and lots many people in diferent sites plzzzz help me out i am feeling very ashamed in taking the phone which don’t allow java applications ……………please snd me mail on [email protected] u will b very helpfull to meeee………………

    regards from sahil sharma…..

  189. Hi
    After following the steps provided i get to see the Java application but when trying to play it i get an error: “Java error. Invalid format”. I then tried to follwo the steps again and found out the “Games” folder did not exist in “TkFileExplorer” anymore.

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance.

  190. Hi,
    I’ve followed your instructions and manage to install a Java application in my Samsung S5600. When i try to execute it though i get the message: “JAVA ERROR INVALID FORMAT”, same as “bhavya . October 12, 2010 .”

    When i tried to execute the same steps again found out the Games folder (Go To> EXE > Java > Games) does not exist in TK File explorer.

    Any help is very much appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance

  191. Thanx tim now i know what i am mistaking from last 5 days
    There is no error like “communication link is lost”
    those who got this type of error plz do the following step
    install pc studio connect mobile to pc studio once then disconnect it. dont disconnect mobile from pc.
    open the device manager then go to modem section there is samsung usb mobile modem double click it then click on modem there is a port number define on it just use it on the tk file explorer port setting thats it is u will get connected through tk file explorer

  192. i have correctly done all the steps but when i open the game, java says-unsupported file format and the game closes

  193. Hi, I have gone through all the steps time and again with no result. Please help me. I neither see the game icon nor any sign of updates and its getting really frustrating to try again with no visible results

  194. Hi, I have a GT S5230, i did all the steps, but when i try to run the Jar/Jad file it says not supported.

    Please help i dunno what to do

  195. Made it through all the steps. Guess what, no games are showing up on my Samsung S5600… The files I’m trying to upload are jar-files.

  196. when i disconnect from pc studio and close it,go to the file explorer
    however when i go to com port,the pop up box is blank,so when i click connect it

  197. Hi,
    I am using samsung c3530 and i want to install java applications on my mobile.
    But above codes doesn’t works on my mobile.
    So please can any one provide me admin code & master key for my mobile.
    please…help me.
    thank you.

  198. sorry I am very new to all this but very impressed! I have a samsung craft sch-r900 and wanted to know if this will work in it and if I can use this to install Opera mini browser on it.


  199. i have samsung star wifi (GT-s5233w). i want to install software, sisx files are not supported. so what should i do. which files it will support and how to install. as my sending by bluetooth from my nokia mobile to my samsung mobile and when install on samsung it get file not supported. so please help me.

  200. idid all of these steps but the games are not present in games and more what do ido ihave even updated the database and there is no game in my list



  202. I GOT…… HOW to PASTE.

    BUT NOW PROBLEM OF CODE WHAT IS CODE FOR samsung star wifi (GT-S5233W).

  203. hii amol ,
    my self archana

    i want to install Dictionary for my Samsung mobile S5200 what should i do to run it in my mobile



  205. i did ol the steps. but when i try to open the game it says: java error, invalid format. im using samsung GT s5233w. what wil i do now? pls help. super thanks. :))

  206. when i go to connect i file menu then it shows it was unable to open that specified port plz. give me solution

    my phone is not 3g it was SAMSUNG GT-S5233S

  207. hi
    i have samsung s5600.can i install ebook reader ? how & what software i can install?

  208. hi every one
    when i’m transferring the game folder to EXE > Java > Games> new folder>> , only jad file is getting transferred, but during jar file was transfer im getting message — warning : unexpected has occured during file transfer & after that in game & more there is no file seen

    what do i do 🙁

  209. thanks amol for quick reply.
    but where this in built (ebook reader) application in s5600? what format i can read in this reader?

    1. You can put any PDF in your SD card or Phone memory in PDF Format and it can be opened with default reader. You can also read document files like Word, Power Point Excel Files

  210. I have win7 so my pc suit couldnt recognise my fone… do u think it is the reason why tkexplorer isnt getting the port no.??
    nywys i tried everything from COM1-17 stil not working
    do u think trying it with winxp will solve the issue??
    awaiting reply

  211. thanks amol.can u give me another idea that which ereader is best for any nokia (symbian os)E or N SERIES that can read multiformat.
    sorry for disturbance.

  212. anyone have the code for new samsung chat 355? (GT-S3353)

    any admin code is not working for the java db update.. thanks..

  213. hey amol,
    can u give me the steps to connect samsung star nano 3g gt s3370 in pc studio mode
    i did not get any software cd with the is not mentioned even in the box

  214. i dont think there is any pc studio for star nano 3g.although there is a samsung kies software.maybe it is something like pc studio.can u please help me

  215. i downloaded a .jar file.
    i downloaded your jad maker coz i didnt have a .jad file.
    then i made a .jad file. what 2 do nxt dude?

  216. You can Install it easily ! just conéct you’r Samsung & coppy the JAR file, disconéct it, go to “My files” On u’r phone & install it !
    So easy i don’t know why you do all these steps !!!

  217. hi
    i had installed games in my samsung s5603 (star 3g) using the procedure .i got the games on my phone but problem is screen is not displaying full ,when the game is runnig right side some part is not displaying ,whats the problem wid resolution .
    what should i do now??

  218. Hello there… m using samsung star3g s5603 mobile. my question is- why all applications and games is shown in games & more folder. i want it in main screen with other folder like browser,message,my files,my photo, settings,camera,phonebook… plz cl me or email me at [email protected] i wnt sm gud n nice applications 4 my mob. and fring is not supporting to my phone i want theme for my mobile. -raj

  219. hey amol
    i had installed games in my samsung s5603 (star 3g) using the procedure .i got the games on my phone but problem is screen is not displaying full ,when the game is runnig 360×240 right side some part is not displaying ,whats the problem wid resolution .
    what should i do now??

  220. hey anmol,how i followed the above steps but still the virtual keypad is do i remove that?also can i get a qwerty on-screen keypad for messaging and stuff?

  221. i had done what you say but problem is that my old game application stop to work also my new application not working i lost my internet usability in my mobile it there any solution..

    1. Hey, if your in built applications stopped working, I recommend you go to Samsung Service center & re install firmware.

      It will be free under warranty.

  222. error: communication link is lost, when i connect from file after all step (samsung star gt s5603)
    what i do

  223.  After Step 4, While trying to connect, its showing an error

    ” Error : the connection link is  lost. “

  224. And, u asked to disconnect the mobile by right clicking on the mobile icon. Where do i do this?? If u were talking about doing it in the PC Studio, Right Click in the pc studio is not enabled. what do i do now? Could you help me out with this…..

    1. Wondering the same. Trying to find out the port from device manager and it gives me  Port_#0002.Hub_#0001 but when i copypaste it in port box and try to connect it says ”Warning: Unable to open specified port. Please try again”