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How To Fix SD Card Not Detecting Error – Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Recently developers at XDA forums released the DXKJ3 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. And if you are one of the users enjoying the latest android firmware release, them some of you might be experiencing Error for SD card saying “ SD Card Can Not Be Detected

Well, one thing you can do is wait for next version to pop up and then update to it & it’s not gonna happen in 2-3 days it can take weeks sometimes.

So why don’t you try our method of fixing the SD card error, which is very simple and can solve your problem right now.

Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy Y

How To Fix SD Card Not Detected Error In Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

1. If you already have some data on SD card, first thing you should do is Back up all right now!

You can use a card reader or some other phone connected through USB data cable and simply copy and paste all content on PC.

2. Now right-click on SD card icon in your PC & simply Format the SD card with FAT 32 System

3. What next ?….

Well nothing, you are done with fixing the SD card detection error in Galaxy Y.

All you have to do is put your card back in your Galaxy Y & your card will be running fine then.

Hope this step by step guide on fixing Galaxy Y SD card detection issue is helped you & for more Subscribe to us by Email or like us on Facebook !


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