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Know The Latest Cameras in 2018

Cameras are the key to capture the fascinating memories of one’s life. Better the camera, better will be the picture quality and image results. Latest technology of optical sciences is consistently getting better and better so getting InTouch with the latest technology and updating your optical devices make your photographic experience better.

Here we will discuss about the latest cameras in 2018:

Nikon D850 (price : $ 3,300)

Pixel strength: 47.7 megapixels.

Sensor size :

Weight: 32.4 oz.

This camera (Nikon D850) make a huge difference from other cameras In market of cameras unique design and shape, LCD to body expect ratio and functionality all are updated in this model.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (price $3,200)

Pixel strength: 30.1 megapixels.

Sensor size : 864

Weight: 28.2 oz.

Cannon sets a large difference from its previous models lighter weight better performance and better and efficient image quality. The image from this camera should be taken from more distance with respect to Nikon cameras.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II (price : $1,700)

Pixel strength: 26.2 megapixels.

Sensor size : 861 sq. mm

Weight: 24.2 oz.

This is also a mid-range camera w.r.t Canon EOS 5D Mark IV but have a fascinating image results.

Nikon D750 (price : $1,500)

Pixel strength: 24.3 megapixels.

Sensor size: 862 sq. mm

Weight: 26.5 oz.

Nikon strongly now get off from sensor issues in previous models D610 and D600 etc. a large comeback by Nikon fixing bugs and ambiguities faced by users.

Canon EOS 5DS R ( price: $3,700)

Pixel size: 50.7 megapixels.

Sensor size: 865 sq. mm

Weight: 30 oz.

One of the most favorite camera built by cannon and love for the photographers who take distinct photos with high image quality and enhanced colors.

Nikon D500 (price: $1,800)

Pixel strength: 20.9 megapixels.

Sensor size: 369 sq. mm

Weight: 30.3 oz.

Another great camera with blazing fast capture speed and quality picture result with enhanced 4k video recording facility. But it Is somehow pricy for a crop sensor.

Pentax K-1 (price: $1,897)

Pixel strength: 36.4megapixels.

Sensor size: 864 sq. mm

Weight: 32.6 oz.

Such a durable camera with a waterproof and dust resistant feature.

Canon EOS 80D (price: $999)

Pixel strength: 24.6 megapixels.

Sensor size: 337 sq. mm

Weight: 24.6 oz.

The best Canon crop sensor DSLR for most photographers. Cheap and durable. Extra battery placements + capacity.

Nikon D7200 (price: $797)

Pixel strength: 24.4megapixels.

Sensor size: 366 sq. mm

Weight: 23.8 oz.

No touch screen facility on the LCD of DSLR camera. best camera lens and multi-mode functionality. Cheap and durable. concludes that the best camera now days and for all the 2018 “Nikon “is the best choice for photographers with cheap durable and better and enhanced functionality with ease features o taking snaps from variable distances. Cameras are devices which will keep on being updated and we will keep you update thoroughly .keep visiting our website