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Keyloggers At Your Service: Be A Part Of Your Children’s Life!

Similar to cell phone spy software, there are other programs with analogous functions which can be used in a more legal way with less limitations. Modern technology exposes young generation to many dangers. There are too many strangers with indecent and frankly bad intentions on the Internet who might want to threaten or approach your children while they are surfing the web pages. For the purpose of protection and keeping your kids safe from being harassed, it would be a prudent idea to keep track of what is going on in your child’s life and what are they up to. Sometimes, they think they are mature enough to deal with their own issues and may not let you know some details.

Although using spying software may sometimes sound illegal, there is a legal way to keep track of what your children are doing on their computers. offers a suitable solution to the issue by providing a fully functional keylogger to monitor the activity on the target device.

In fact, such a program does not necessitates having direct access to the device. A person wanting to monitor your activity can once download it on your personal computer, or you can do it yourself even without knowing it since Trojan horse spy software and other types of malware are widespread all over the internet and, once on your device, they can be remotely activated.

A keylogger can help you with the following issues:

Make screenshots

It is quite easy to tweak the software so that it saves screen periodically with the interval you specified in preferences. With this feature, you will be able to keep track of all the visited web pages, forums, blogs, any applications run off- or online. The collection of screenshots will tell you the story of daily activity of the target device.

Log all the key presses

The software provides an option of logging all keys pressed and sentences typed along with the name of application that was active at the moment.

Capture conversations

Sometimes, saving every keystroke may not be of much help. Therefore, you may find the option of capturing conversations beneficial. Modern software can recognize the messengers and chat conversations and log them in a legible manner free of other logged information unimportant for the purpose.

We all want to keep our children safe and sound, especially when they are constantly exposed to the dangers of anonymity on the Internet. We cannot supervise them all day long, so it figures we need some tools to help us with it. Keyloggers are the answer to all questions since this software will be your eyes while you are not around. Keep your child safe and be proactive in your attempt to secure their future.