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#IssDiwaliAsliSavings With Syska LED

Diwali is the festival of lights and people from all castes and faiths are seen celebrating it with great joy. Preparations are done well in advance and you see people flocking markets buying gifts, sweets and decorations for their house.

Speaking of decorations, you will usually find houses lit up with candles, diyas, string bulbs and a lot more. However, most of the lighting accessories available are very much the same and you will not find much difference between two decorated houses, except for the arrangement and the colour of the lights. Most of these lights are not eco-friendly and tend to silently eat into your electricity bills, but the spirit of the festival blinds you towards such additional expenses and this fact is usually ignored. Morever, its taxing on the environment too.

This Diwali, we rounded up some few options with Syska LED Lights which not only are cost effective, but the perfect blend of good looks and functionality with no hazards to the environment – Coz #IssDiwalAsliSavings with Syka LED Lights.

Rainbow LED Bulb:

Taking a step closer to smart homes, Syska India’s leading player in the LED Lighting known for its smart innovation offers you different types of bulb one of which is the Rainbow LED Bulb which vows to personalize your experience to the most colourful rainbow shades to choose from, that could be controlled wirelessly, illuminating 3 million colours for every mood, bringing endless possibilities light Years ahead.  To get your home glowing in all colours of rainbow this Diwali,  Syska LED Bulb is programmed with the variety of tones including Golden, Silver and White amidst the colour palette of over 3 million, all fully dimmable all at your fingertips.

Rice String lights

This Diwali decorate your home with rice String lights these lights are best for outdoor as well as indoor decoration. The joy of colour is something that we can’t do without and the glories of art are always one to behold. You can use this light for various lighting purposes. SYKA rice string lights are the best one’s for decorating your home and office.

LED strip lights

Decorate your house this Diwali with LED strip lights these lights are the best ones to enhance your decoration. These strips are 5 metres long and look pleasant.  It includes three multi-colour i.e. RGB colour which combine with. They are advanced, eco-friendly and durable providing amazing lighting effect and glow. You can use them in offices, malls, corridors, showroom , residential for  lighting purpose because  it consume less amount of energy as can be used for long duration of time.  Syska LED light looks elegant giving a medieval ambience. You can change the light with the help of remote device which comes along with it.

Most importantly apart from its features each of the products of Syska, the LED Lights shall have a longer life along with much better energy efficiency. Not only are they recyclable, toxic free but also are eco-friendly. Lastly, bringing true meaning to savings – the Lights shall be easy on your pocket  saving both energy and your longer electricity bills. Iss Diwali Asli Savings with Syska LED

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