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Facebook & HTC Joins Hand For The True Social Smartphone

Social networking giant, Facebook which already has made the people crazy is now reportedly to rock the Smartphone mania by teaming up with the popular smart phone manufacture company; HTC. The vision is to develop the phone which would be completely based on service. The social networking already has brought dramatic jump in the Smartphone marketplace. Reports are also there, that ‘Buffy’ is the code name of the new handset from the door of Taiwanese phone maker and most probably it will hit the mobile market in coming 12 to 18 months. The cell phone will probably be running on the customized version of Android and will be comprising of the tight Facebook integration software applications. It will also support HTML 5 in order to be compatible with the various social networking applications.

There are close to 350 million facebook users actively accessing the site through various sources. Apart from accessing from the laptops and desktops, there is also large community of users accessing through smartphones and tablets. This provides a vision to the company to establish the presence in the mobile world and to come up with the highly interactive interface device for better user experience in the social networking forums.  There are large numbers of social networking application which run both on iOS and Android platforms, but there is large community of users for whom social networking capabilities is the prime focus. The focused device build from the ground stage keeping the Facebook in mind will be competent for the highly active social networking users.

Facebook - HTC Phone Premium vendors like Apple already had integrated the highly interactive iOS5 and power of social media in the form of Twitter in the iPhone and iPad. They had received overwhelming response from the user base in the social community. Similar scenario is being seen in case of Google which also have tightly coupled the power of mobile interaction with new Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Facebook had realized the need of dedicated device for social networking and looking at the large community of facebook user, the company has decided to walk with HTC as the competent mobile technology partner. Facebook has teamed up with the HTC in the last launch of their handset. HTC had launched the handset having dedicated button to operate facebook, The new HTC handset provide quality of user experience while accessing facebook feature like sharing photos, videos and music, although this handset failed to leave high impression on users.

The “Buffy” would reportedly be more on the path of streamlined experience and will allow users to easily upload their photos directly from the camera application. It will also connect their phone contact profiles with their friends on facebook.

It is believed that, if the features of Buffy handset and Google are fully realised by the user base in their respective devices, then it will eventually bring dramatic change to the scenario in the mobile handset market and will also become an important aspect to be considered while picking the new smart phones.



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