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Know All Blackberry Keyboard Shortcuts (All Blackberry OS Versions)


You are here, landed on this page cause you own a blackberry and you want to make it more handy and fast by knowing all the keyboard shortcuts.

You may really sometimes do silly mistakes using the trackball and the touch function of the blackberry devices, bust keyboard shortcuts are the best way to avoid such silly mistakes.

Blackberry Devices are world famous for their Full QWERTY Keyboard support.

Below are almost all the blackberry keyboard shortcuts on various screens of blackberry :

These shortcuts can be used while in applications including Docs to Go and the BlackBerry browser :

Desired action Shortcut
Change the size of a column in a spreadsheet Press the W key
View the contents of a spreadsheet cell Press Space key with the cell highlighted
Search for text in a spreadsheet Tap F followed by the text you are looking for
Switch to another worksheet Press V and select another worksheet
Skip forwards through slides Press N key
Skip backwards through slides Press P
Start a slideshow Press S
Stop a slideshow Press Escape
Enter a new web address in a browser Press G followed by the url
Add item to bookmarks Press A
Show bookmarks Press K
Refresh a web page Press R
Show a history of the most recent sites visited Press I
Insert a backslash to a web address Press Shift followed by Space


These shortcuts can be used to move around a message list :

Desired action Shortcut
Move to the top of the screen Press Shift and Space keys
Move to the bottom of the screen Press Space key
Go to the top of a message list Press T
Go to the bottom of a message list Press B
Move to next date Press N
Move to previous date Press P
Move to next unopened item Press U
Move to next related message Press J
Move to previous related message Press K


These shortcuts can be used in the message :

Desired action Shortcut
Reply to a message Press R
Reply to all Press L
File highlighted email message Press I
View email address of a contact in a message Highlight the contact and press Q To return to the display name press Q again


These shortcuts can be used in a message list :

Desired action Shortcut
Open a highlighted message Press Enter key
Mark a message as opened or unopened Press Alt and U
View received messages Press Alt and I
View sent messages Press Alt and O
View voicemail messages Press Alt and V
View SMS text messages Press Alt and S
View call logs Press Alt and P
View all your messages again Press the Escape/Back key


Built-in touches often missed by users despite being in the manual :

Desired action Shortcut
Insert a full stop Press Space key twice
Insert ‘@’ and full stops into email addresses Press Space key while typing in the address
Type and accent or special character Hold the appropriate key and roll the trackpad or trackball
Capitalise a letter Hold the letter key until the capitalised character appears
Exit a screen or dialogue box Press Escape/Back key
Move the cursor in a different direction Press Alt key and roll the trackpad or trackball
Change an option field Hold Alt key and click a value
Jump to an item in a list or menu Press the first letter of the item
Select a check box Press Space key. To clear the box press the Space key again
Select a line of text Press Shift and roll the trackpad or trackball
Turn on the backlighting Press (but don’t hold) the Power button
Find contacts from the BlackBerry homescreen Press the letters for the contact’s first and last with a space between them
Switch to another program Hold down the BlackBerry button until the programs appear. Toggle through them using the trackball or trackpad and click Enter to select
Move down a screen Press Space key
Move up a screen Press Shift plus Space key
Multitask while on a call Press the BlackBerry button while on a call, followed by selecting the homescreen. From here you can access any other application or emails


These are some more additional keyboard shortcuts :

Built-in short cuts through Word Substitution :

  1. mypin – will show your PIN in a message. Very useful if someone email or SMS you asking for your PIN.
  2.  mynumber – will reveal your phone number, a good feature for people like Bla1ze who never uses the “phone” part of your BlackBerry you may not remember what your phone number is.
  3. LD – inputs the current date into a message
  4. LT -inputs the current time into a message
  5. myver – great if people are hitting you up on Twitter or BBM wanting to know what BlackBerry handheld OS you’re rock’n

Here’s two more Word Substitutions that I use quite frequently :

  1. br – this will input an open parentheses
  2. rb – this will input a close parentheses

A few key combitantions that come in handy :

  1. ALT+SHIFT+DEL – this will initiate a soft reboot
  2. ALT+H – revels the Help Me! screen
  3. ALT+LGLG – shows the event log

Media Shortcuts :

  1. Mute Key – Pause/Resume a video/song
  2. R – Rotate pictures
  3. I – Zoom In
  4. O – Zoom Out
  5. W – Original Size

Calendar Shortcuts :

  1. C – schedule an appointment
  2. A – Change to Agenda view
  3. D – Change to Day view
  4. W – Change to Week view
  5. M – Change to Month view
  6. Space – Move to the next day/week/month
  7. Shift+Space – Move to the previous day/week/month
  8. T – Move to the current date
  9. G – Move to a specific date

Hope now you enjoy more using your blackberry device and make it more handy.

I have tried and covered almost all the blackberry keyboard shortcuts used in our day to day life. By chance if i have missed any then please do comment below and let us know, and also let us know if you want to know a keyboard shortcut for any other function in blackberry, we’ll try and let you know about the required shortcut if available.

Sources : Blackberry Device Manuals, Various Google Searches, and day to day use of a Blackberry Device.

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