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Blackberry Storm 2 Review, Specs, Prices & Changes

As all techholics are aware that Blackberrys storm was disappointing cellphone for many of the fans, they have announced today the launch of Blackberry storm 2 which have 5 significant changes as follows.

1. Inclusion of Wifi: Last time I guess they have forgot to provide the Wifi compatibility, because these days even people don’t use they want there mobile to be a 3g & Wi Fi & all fancy things. Because you know you need it for one day in a month & it has to be there because you have paid that much for the cell. So this time they have provided latest Wifi connectivity as added feature of Storm 2.

2. Excluding all the previous bugs : Blackberyy storm had many bugs as reported by the hardware experts which causes problems in its touchscreens, camera & connectivity. So this time Blackbery Storm 2 comes with no bugs (I guess) so giving surely an enhanced performance.

3. Improved Touchscreen Functionality : Well, following the apple’s multi touch recognition, blackberry have managed to support some amount multi touch facility in Storm 2. It is not as high end as iphone but it works good for functions like copy paste with two figures. So worth a look. They have used actuators under the corners of the screen to give better touch flow while typing.

4. Speaker Phones at Bottom Edge :Unlike the blackberry’s  old model, this time they have eliminated the mistake of placing speakers at back & now they are placed at bottom edge, so you can talk on phone as well as  use the touchscreen also.

5. Miscellaneous Changes :Despite of the above mentioned major changes with blackberry Storm 2, they have also changed trendy touchscreen buttons this time with improved performance (which gives quick response). They haven’t changed there screen size & still with  the 3.25 inch screen with a corresponding 480 x 320 pixel resolution. They have kept there standard business applications intact to blackberry storm a masterpiece of business class users.

We have to wait for the user & hardware experts review, which we consider the actual one and it will come after fine roll out of Balcberry Storm 2.  These updates have made a tough competitor again in the cellphone market.

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