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Top Online AI Tools for Making PPT Quickly

Presentations and slide decks are effective ways to present information with customers, coworkers, students, and friends. However, designing and creating a professional presentation can be time-consuming, and starting a new presentation from beginning is difficult. Fortunately, employing a free AI presentation creator allows you to generate a fresh slide deck in minutes. AI tools for making PPT enables users to create, design, and edit presentations using generative AI, allowing them to focus on conveying their message rather than formatting slides.

AI tools for making PPT

This article summarizes and examines the finest AI presentation software for various categories of users, allowing you to easily compare the various options on the market and select the best one for your presentation requirements.
How We Selected the Best Free AI Presentation Tools At Plus, we help customers optimize their workflows using AI and automation, so we spend a lot of time testing productivity products, and we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Choosing the proper AI presentation software is determined by a number of criteria, including your current presentation tools, your typical presentation style, and how you choose to collaborate with coworkers and colleagues. For this guide, we wanted to produce a uniform output to compare different AI tools, therefore we evaluated every presenting tool with the same prompt:

Top AI Tools for Making PPT

The majority of AI tools are standalone applications. This implies that if you typically use PowerPoint or Google Slides to collaborate on presentations with customers and coworkers, you must persuade everyone to convert to a new tool and begin emailing clients unfamiliar links. If you want to use AI with your current presentation technology (e.g., Google Slides or PowerPoint), here are the best solutions to consider:

Ideal for PowerPoint users: Microsoft 365 Copilot*

The nicest aspect of using AI presentation capabilities that are built into Google Slides and PowerPoint is that you don’t have to learn how to use a new tool, nor do you have to change how you interact and communicate with your clients and coworkers. Here’s a closer look at the top AI PowerPoint and Google Slides solutions.

Plus AI

Plus AI can create whole presentations or individual slides, rewrite your slides, and reformat existing slides into a new structure in seconds. It may also help you create a new theme for your slide deck using AI. Plus AI differs from other AI presentation makers in key ways:

  • Works within Google Slides; no need to install a new programme.
  • Professional designs are aimed at creating presentations that can be used in a professional or academic setting.
  • Comprehensive AI slide editing tools include the ability to add single slides, modify slides, and reformat slide content. All powered by AI.
  • AI copilot – Collaborates with users to create presentations, introducing AI into every step of the process.
  • Live Snapshots – Use Plus’ Snapshot technology to automate regular data changes.
  • Content quality – Additionally, AI writes an adequate amount of content for each slide in the presentation. Plus AI appears to have a greater comprehension of the overall presentation and various slide layouts than other AI technologies, allowing it to generate high-quality content based on slide type. Additionally, when the material is incorrect, the Rewrite feature allows users to automatically modify the text on a slide using AI.
  • Layout and design: Plus AI supports hundreds of slide types out of the box, resulting in a wide range of slide layouts, and it is simple to modify and reformat slides to new layouts with AI. Furthermore, the layouts developed have a professional appearance and feel, and can be readily customized with your own brand colors, logo, and style.
  • Usability – As a Google Slides AI, Plus makes it simple to update and improve presentations within Google Slides. The Remix and Rewrite tools reduce the amount of human labour required to format existing slides. If you prefer to utilise PowerPoint, you may easily export Plus presentations as slides.
  • Pricing: Free option, with premium subscriptions starting at $15 per month.


Copilot for PowerPoint is Microsoft’s artificial intelligence tool for creating presentations. While some of the earlier demos of Copilot for PowerPoint were amazing, the actual product is relatively basic and is not yet suitable for real-world use cases for those who give presentations in a professional setting.

  • Content quality – Copilot appears to have limited AI content production capabilities. Each bullet point is simply three or four words long, and each slide contains very little context or information. Pictures don’t always make sense and appear to be random.
  • Layout and design – On all slide types, Copilot uses the same design of three bullet points and an image, however the image layout varies.
  • Usability – As a PowerPoint AI, Copilot has the advantage of being accessible immediately within PowerPoint; but, the chat-based interface is perplexing, and it is unclear what functionality the AI can truly manage.
  • Pricing: $20-30 per user per month, with annual invoicing.


Gemini is the marketing term for all of Google’s artificial intelligence products. It contains the Gemini chatbot, Gemini for Google Docs, Gmail, and a number of other AI apps. Gemini “works” on Google Slides as well, although it does not create presentations or slides. It can only generate AI images for Google Slides.

  • As of May 2024, it is not usable as an AI presentation creator.
  • Content quality: Does not generate AI presentations.
  • Layout and design – not appropriate.
  • Usability: Not applicable.
  • Pricing: $20-30 per user per month, with annual invoicing.


MagicSlides is an additional AI presentation add-on for Google Slides. Using generative AI, users may convert text into presentations, create presentations from prompts, and alter formatting. MagicSlides has less functionality than other AI presentation tools on the market, however it does include some useful capabilities:

  • Works within Google Slides, so users do not need to learn new tools.
  • Converts text into presentations. Users can submit MagicSlides with up to 6,000 characters of text, from which it will generate a summary deck.
  • MagicSlides allows you to change the presentation’s fonts and colours.
  • Content quality – The MagicSlides content is light and lacks context, making the output feel generic.
  • Layout and design – There is no difference between the slide formats, which all follow the same text and image layout. This layout can be useful, but not for all slides in a presentation.
  • Usability – Due to the simple material and lack of variation in slide formats, a user would have to spend a significant amount of time preparing the presentation for professional or academic use.
  • Pricing: Free option, with premium subscriptions starting at $16 per month.


SlidesAI, like Plus AI and MagicSlides, is integrated into Google Slides, allowing users to use generative AI within the platform. SlidesAI originally began with the capacity to make presentations from lengthier text documents, but has lately added the ability to generate presentations from shorter prompts as well. Additional features include:

  • Image suggestions: SlidesAI will propose photos for certain slides.
  • Paraphrasing text – If you don’t like how anything is written, SlidesAI can rewrite it.
  • Text-to-slides – SlidesAI enables users to copy and paste current text and convert it into a presentation.
  • Content quality – Similar to MagicSlides, the AI-generated output is short on context and serves mostly as headers.
  • Layout and design for slidesAI produces more variation, but the format selection appears arbitrary. For example, the Case Studies slide below has been designed as a process slide rather to simply listing the case studies.
  • Usability – The ability to use AI within Google Slides remains a significant benefit; but, preparing this presentation for a work or school occasion would most certainly include reformatting several slides and adding much more context and information to them.
  • Pricing: Free option, with premium subscriptions starting at $10 per month.

The best AI presentation software for brainstorming

Can you utilise ChatGPT to create a presentation? Sort of. One of the most effective applications of AI is to assist in the brainstorming of new ideas and the generation of outline documents. While this can be done with a tool like Plus AI, it may be faster to use ChatGPT.


ChatGPT is the Swiss Army knife of AI tools, and you may ask it to create a presentation outline with bullet points for you.
ChatGPT generates nice writing, and it can follow directions to provide headings and bullet points, as well as expand on the text with lengthier phrases and paragraphs.

  • Layout and design – You can ask ChatGPT for suggestions on slide layouts and formats, but because it is a chat-based model, it will not generate actual presentation slides for you.
  • Usability – You may also ask ChatGPT to develop VBA code to convert these presentation outlines into PowerPoint presentations, although we believe it is a better tool for brainstorming than for creating final presentations.
  • Pricing: Free options with the ChatGPT Plus plan at $20 per month.

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