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Mandeera Manish Narrates Urvashi’s Tale through an Enchanting Dance Drama

  • MandeeraMandeera Manish


In an age where western dance forms are splashed across reality TV shows and silver screens, very few have taken up the mantle of carrying forward our culture and traditional dance forms. Mandeera Manish, is one such performer whose only love has been the classical dance form since age 10.
Renowned choreographers have put together a mesmerizing performance on Urvashi’s intriguing and beautiful fable that brings together several genres of dance and music, ranging from Hindustani, Carnatic to Western Classical. With the dwindling audience for classical dance forms, Mandeera wished to be a part of a blend of classical and modern dance that would appeal to the younger generation.
Premiering at the Ravindra Natya Mandir on December 29th the show is set to return to Mumbai in February ’18 after touring other cities across Maharashtra.
Trained as a solo dancer, Mandeera has studied dance academically and has topped the university. She also has several performances to her credit both as a solo dancer and in various ballets, in India and abroad.
“Urvashi has been in conception since almost a year and each team member has put his/her heart and soul together into this dance drama. I am extremely excited to perform in this enchanting tale which is a celebration of love and womanhood. I hope people enjoy watching it as much. India has rich literature and so many untold stories. Our effort is to only bring to forth such stories that captivate mind, body & soul,” says the beautiful Mandeera.