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How to Write A Dissertation Proposal on A Technology Related Topic Like Hand Gesture System

Do you believe that it can be a daunting task to write a dissertation proposal on any topic related to technology? The truth is that if you lack the experience, then penning down a perfect dissertation proposal can be a challenge for sure.

Let us assume that you have to write a dissertation proposal on Hand Gesture Detection and Recognition System. Now, you have two options. You can either write the proposal yourself or seek professional help.

If you feel that the task is complex, then it is best to hire a professional service for writing dissertation proposal. The benefit of seeking professional help is that they have experienced academic writers in their team who understand the intricacies of writing proposals.

Plus, your task will be completed on the given timeline. However, if you still want to take a plunge into this task, then we will give an in-depth guideline.

Writing a dissertation proposal on Hand Gesture Detection System

Start with the research

When you make up your mind to write a proposal, then the most important step is that you need to indulge in relevant research related to the topic. When you will do your research, you will have a roadmap regarding how to go about the topic.

Prepare a draft outline

It is never advisable to start writing randomly way because there are chances that you will end up making mistakes. The best approach is that you should prepare an outline, and follow the outline when documenting your thoughts.

Writing the table of contents

Once you get done with the initial outline, prepare your table of contents.

If you want to make use of any figures, and tables, then it is best to list them down in your table of contents. Secondly, when you write a dissertation proposal related to Hand Gestures, then you might be using technical terms in your proposal.

If the reader does not understand those terms he will not relate to your proposal, so the best approach is that you should explain these technical terms in the glossary section.

Coming up with a powerful introduction

When you write your dissertation proposal, then the most significant aspect is the introduction, and you cannot afford to go wrong here. If you write about Hand Gesture and Detection System, then it is vital that you explain what this system is all about.

Remember, the reader should develop an interest in the topic from the start. If your introduction is weak, then the reader will not want to read till the end of the proposal.

Briefly discuss how the hand gesture system is making a difference in the technology world.

Now, you can also add an abstract or executive summary before the introduction. We recommend that you start with an abstract because it creates connectivity in the topic.

Preparing the literature review

The most critical part of the proposal is the Literature Review. It will not be wrong to say that it is the backbone of your dissertation proposal. It is advisable that you try to include authentic technology journal articles related to hand gesture system in your literature review.

You can get these authentic resources from authentic academic databases. Try to include references from peer-reviewed journals. Try to come up with an extensive literature review because it will add credibility to your research proposal.

You should try to include all authentic articles that talk about the recent development of hand gesture systems.

Writing the research design and research results

The research design should follow the literature review. It is also a significant step, and you should make sure that you describe your investigation approach in the light of facts, and your research related to hand gesture systems.

Do not miss out on the research results because they will reveal the final findings and conclusion. In the end, make sure that you attach you hand gesture system references.