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Is Cheap Essay Writing Services a Good Option For Students?

When looking for a job or seeking employment, first and foremost you either need to read the job requirements and see if you qualify then apply for it. For instance, you can apply to be a cashier if you have had previous experience or you are good with numbers. This is more or less a similar case to students in college. While in college, students are expected to be professionally equipped with the effective writing skills. This is because essay writing is a mandatory obligation in college and it will help them be able to handle their papers. Additionally, it reflects immensely on their overall performance. However, some students find it somewhat challenging and tiresome hence this makes it difficult for them to develop an interest in writing.

Why students look for writing services

One cannot grow and develop as a writer in a short period. To grow and develop as a writer, it is fundamental that you practice writing articles continuously. However, there are times when students are occupied with many assignments or challenging ones hence they are either unable to deliver them on time or unable to handle them. This should not be a problem to you. You can seek assistance from essay writing services. They are efficient in various ways hence they will be of great help to you. For instance, essay writing services enable you to handle different types of papers such as research papers, argumentative, persuasive and personal essays among others. Additionally, with the help of essay writing services, you can edit and proofread articles as well as learn how to finish someone’s article.  However, when looking for an essay writing service, it is crucial you ensure that you do not get duped. There are people out there who will take advantage of your urgent need for essay writing services and con you.

Variety of prices for custom essay writing

In essay writing, the prices vary depending on the urgency of the article and the type of paper you want to be written. This is because some articles require a lot of work whereas others are rather simple to handle. These essay writing services have professionally equipped academic writers who can deliver quality work in the period needed. The writers are experienced in different fields of work hence the companies are sure that the work they give is of good quality. For example, one writing service has different price charges depending on the quality you want. For a psychology research paper with an urgency of 48 hours, there are different price charges contingent with the quality; standard quality is $29.99, premium quality is $31.99 and platinum quality is$34.99 per page. Another essay writing service also has different price packages depending on the type of article and time needed. For example, for a psychology research paper with the same urgency, the cost per page is $40.9. In this case, what can be considered as cheap is the efficiency of the essay writing service and the quality of work they deliver.

Pros and cons of using cheap essay writing services

It is indeed evident that many students want to excel in college and hence they want to ensure they deliver quality articles. A majority seek assistance from cheap essay writing services which are beneficial in various ways:

  • Such services enable you to save money. Some essay writing companies offer cheap writing services which attract many students.
  • They allow you to work on your other school projects instead of focusing on one. They enable you to have time to complete your other assignments, activities without feeling pressurized.
  • They have reasonable price charges which many students can work with hence makes it affordable to many.
  • They help one deliver their essays on time hence minimizing the efforts one may have had while trying to write the article.

However, these essay writing services may be disadvantageous too. This is because some may take advantage of the desperation the students have and use it to their gain. Below are some cons of cheap essay writing services:

  • Some essay writing services may give you poorly written articles which eventually affects your performance in school.
  • Some of these services may give a plagiarized paper and aim to convince you that it is originally written.
  • Depending on essay writing services will not help you grow and develop as a writer hence you will be unable to write your essays.
  • Using such companies may inform your professors how you write your essays because many students do not go through their essays once given to them hence it can lead to dire consequences such as expulsion.

Educational technologies can eliminate the need for using writing services

Technology has taken over the education sector lately. New educational technologies such AI and G Suite are changing the education field not only for students but also for professors. These technologies are of great assistance to students who are often used to seek help from writing companies. For instance, essay writing necessitates that you conduct extensive research before writing your article. G Suite enables you to research with ease and helps you improve your writing. It has a new Explore feature which makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. AI, on the other hand, makes it easy for you to comprehend things as it works similarly to a human tutor. It also helps monitor your progress and provide personalized tests.


In conclusion, different writing services enable students to deliver their assignments early and allow them to work on other school projects. At the same time, using such services makes it hard for students to learn to write their papers. Additionally, students may end up getting duped because of their desperation. However, students can use educational technologies such as G Suite and AI to help improve their writing.