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Chaitali Das, Social Entrepreneur Led a Delegation to China Aiming Inclusive World Beyond Borders

His Excellency MA Zhanwu, The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China nominated Ms. Chaitali Das, Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur & Reformer Spearheading Rakshak Foundation based in Kolkata to lead a five members Delegation to China during 20th to 26th May 2018.
The purpose of the delegation of novel Social Development targeting Inclusive World, healthy environment, waste management and women empowerment beyond boundaries between India and China initiated by H.E. Ma Zhanwu, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata and supported by the Government of China.
This unique initiative, for the first time, members of a non-governmental organization from Kolkata were taken on a Delegation to China. The Consulate organized the Delegation to promote social-exchange and collaborative ideas beyond borders and Inclusive World. 
Chaitali Das, spearheading Rakshak Foundation, has championed the cause of gender equality, women empowerment and improved education and healthcare for neglected children raised on the streets and slums. She has been working with the inmates of correctional homes in West Bengal providing skill development, placement and rehabilitation for them inculcating courage, confidence, uplifting their morale and restoring respect by help desecrating their stigmatization and dispelling prejudice of the society. 
The Social-Exchange Programme was initiated to inculcate sharing the ideas of community leaders of both India and China and to foster mutually beneficial collaborative efforts to bring positive change through their work in both the countries. Such cooperation also enhances friendship and shared understanding amongst the peoples of both nations. 

The Delegation toured two cities – Kunming in Yunnan Province and Shanghai. The delegation visited a Waste Treatment Plant & Small Poverty Alleviation Project of Yunnan Environmental Protection Department, Women’s Entrepreneurship Center of Yunnan and Yunnan Women’s Federation, Shanghai Women’s Federation, Vulnerable Women Employment and Poverty Alleviation Project, Shanghai Garbage Treatment Plant etc.
“This visit has opened up a new dimension in the collaborative partnership between the two countries promoting the thought of an inclusive world. I am grateful to His Excellency, Ma Zhanwu for thinking and implementing this novel vista for increasing bi-lateral relationship between our two great nations. We went to China as brand ambassadors of India for one week, however, we have returned back as lifetime ambassadors of Chinese culture, hospitality and progress” – said Ms. Das.
There are a lot of commonalities between India and China – world’s oldest civilizations, large inventory of human resources, a very long and extremely rich heritage of art and culture, to name a few.
Ms. Das has proposed a plan to H.E. Ma Zhanwu to convene an India-China Painting Exhibition-cum-Workshop in November.

  1. Ms. Das proposed to convene an India-China Painting Art Exhibition with Artists from China and India about the theme ‘China – 100 years before & Now’ in November 2018.
  2. Yunnan Women’s Federation has International Centre for Skill Development working jointly with agencies and entities in Singapore, Myanmar to name a few. She has proposed to extend this cooperation to Kolkata as well, where Kolkata and Yunnan International Centre for Skill Development would work jointly an important step to inclusive world. 
  3. Managing waste efficiently and sustainably is a great challenge which needs to be addressed in India. During our visit to China, we have learned waste management and how waste is converted to energy. Ms. Das wish to explore possibilities of cooperation between China-India in the areas of Waste Disposal Management and sustaining a green environment for us and the future generations as an inclusive world.
  4. The vision of Shanghai in 2035 is extremely fascinating especially about waste to energy conserving, eco-friendly systems conserving green. She would like to share the learning and understanding of the delegation and hand over a dossier to the Hon’ble Minister Sri Shobhandeb Chattopadhyay – Power and non-conventional energy & Hon’ble Minister Firhad Hakim – Urban Development & Municipal Corporation.
  5. Ms. Das has been invited by Shanghai Women’s Federation to participate in the Global Advance Leadership Summit in Shanghai in August 2018.
  6. Ms. Das is keen to make a documentary film on ‘Women Empowerment’ having Shanghai as the backdrop how women winning the challenges and hurdles, promoting global sisterhood.

Rakshak Foundation, of which Ms. Das is the Managing Trustee is a social and charitable organization which has helped transform thousands of lives in various meaningful ways imparting skill and placement to rural women and rural youth from poor socio-economic background over the last 24 years.
Rakshak has embarked upon many such projects with a mission to support the causes of gender equality, women empowerment, education and healthcare for neglected children from the streets and slums, working with women inmates of correctional homes in West Bengal empowering their lives through skill development and rehabilitation.
It has 5 focus areas categorized under five pillars to address issues, conduct remedial work and inculcate and nurture sustainable development, namely Vatavaran Rakshak, Jivika Rakshak, Swasth Rakshak, Srishti Rakshak and Shakti Rakshak, in the domains of environment, livelihood, health, creativity and empowerment respectively.