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At 50 Percent, SDA Bocconi Asia Center’s Incoming Batch Has the Highest Female Ratio Ever

  • IMBIMB Batch of 2018-2020


SDA Bocconi Asia Center, formerly named MISB Bocconi, inaugurated the International Master in Business (IMB) Batch of 2018-20 earlier called Post Graduate Program in Business (PGPB). The incoming batch has seen the highest ratio yet of females up from last year’s 38%. The Opening ceremony was conducted in the presence of Dean, Mr David Bardolet, MD, Mr Alessandro Giuliani, Faculty and staff members and the Chief Guest, Mr Kevin Flynn, President & Managing Director at FCA India.
The Dean of SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Prof. David Bardolet, introduced the new batch to the Bocconi Family and spoke about the positioning of Bocconi in Europe and globally. Excited to welcome the largest batch so far, Prof. Bardolet highlighted how the International Master in Business (IMB) is not only recognised in the European university system but also has high visibility in international markets. “We look forward to welcoming you to the worldwide Bocconi community and to being a part of a legacy that is more than a century old,” he concluded.
Mr Alessandro Giuliani, Managing Director of SDA Bocconi Asia Center shared his pride for completing six years in India and inaugurating yet another batch. Speaking to the students, he said, “These two years will serve not only top world-class academic education but also overall personal development and preparation for the corporate world.”
Mr Flynn, who has been responsible for setting up and managing commercial operations for the Jeep® brand, shared his 44 years of work experience quoting 10 key lessons to remember for life. Mr Kevin stressed how an individual is responsible for her/his career and not the company. He motivated the students to be always ready for the opportunities that come their way and grab them with both hands. “It is imperative to stick to your integrity and not to allow any element in business to corrupt you,” he added.
The opening day also witnessed Dr Anjana Grewal, Senior Professor & Senior Director for Centers of Excellence speak to the students on behalf of all the faculty members. She shared, “We strongly believe in “empowering lives through knowledge and imagination” and work towards creating in our students’ passion for excellence, and helping them to transform into professionals with very high standards.”
The increased female percentage was achieved through a combination of outreach activities and the provision of the Women in Leadership Scholarship for high potential candidates.

About SDA Bocconi Asia Center
SDA Bocconi Asia Center, formerly named MISB Bocconi, is a pan-Asian hub that has been delivering Executive Education and Postgraduate Programs designed by SDA Bocconi School of Management since 2012. SDA Bocconi Asia Center strives to deploy and disseminate innovative business knowledge to contribute to the overall development of individuals and organisations. A unique approach is offered, by promoting knowledge through SDA Bocconi School of Management industry-relevant research and teaching. It spreads SDA Bocconi School of Management expertise and excellence in design, branding innovation and entrepreneurship to build soft and managerial skills and share practices across borders to empower people. SDA Bocconi School of Management has been a leading institution in management training for over 40 years. The School’s mission is to help individuals, companies, and institutions grow by promoting managerial culture, knowledge, and innovation. MBA Programs, Executive and Specialized Masters, Executive Programs, Custom Programs, Applied Research, Research Labs and Knowledge Centers all contribute to this – a broad offering aimed at professionals from all over the world and from all sectors of the economy. SDA Bocconi is among the leading Business Schools in Europe and is among the few to have gained the triple accreditation – EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB – which puts it in the élite of Business Schools worldwide.