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5 Steps to the College of Your Dreams

Do you know that Columbia University is among the most popular American institutions for international students? And what uni are you dreaming of? Stanford? Georgia Tech? Or maybe Harvard?

Choosing the college of our dreams is one of the most important decisions we make in life. Many students feel stressed and overwhelmed not only by the variety of choices they have, but also by responsibility they get when applying to those institutions. Choosing a uni is only half of the battle. What’s more important is to get accepted to that place you’re dreaming of. And that is where the problems begin. A student has to submit a package of documents, which will ensure the commission that he/she is a perfect candidate for that particular place. And the most important part of the documents is an essay. The problem is that a lot of students confuse an admission essay with a motivational letter, decreasing their chances to get accepted. So, if you don’t know how to write a college essay as well, you can choose one of two available options – to apply to professional writing service or to do everything by yourself, following a couple of useful recommendations below.

5 Tips for Your Admission Essay

First of all, let’s make it clear that every university has its own requirements for an admission essay. It can be a piece of writing anywhere from 500 words to a several page paper of 800-1000 words. Everything depends on the institution you’re applying to. Usually, universities provide recommendations on their admission writings in advance. So, monitor the website of your college or uni to get this information as soon as possible. Thus, you will have plenty of time for writing and editing.

We understand the challenges students face in the application writing process. So, here’re 5 basic recommendations, which will make this stressful time much easier for you. Use them while writing your own essay to become closer to the university of your dreams.

How to Write Admission Essays Correctly

These 5 tips will help you to submit a perfect application due to writing an excellent essay.

  1. Understanding the experiences you’ve had. An admission essay is a personal type of writing. Here you have to describe your previous achievements, failures, successes, and experiences. What an admission commission is looking for is your understanding of what those experiences mean to you. It is not about the experiences themselves, but about the lessons you’ve got from them. In other words, answer the question «So what?», explaining why this is important for you. What do your achievements and failures mean to you?
  2. Pick up to four stories to tell about in your admission essay. You don’t have to describe your whole life from childhood till now, talking about each period of life in details. That is not what an application is about. Instead, pick up to three-four meaningful periods or stories in your life, which have influenced your decision to apply to this particular place and have influenced you in becoming who you are today.
  3. Find your own angle of writing. Don’t read someone else’s application to get inspired. You risk picking up the same style of writing, copying someone else instead of being who you are. The admissions want to know you as a person. Think about the tone of writing. Keep it natural. Use conversational style. If you have a good sense of humour and make jokes on a daily basis, you can add some funny moments to your essay as well. But don’t overdo with this. Always remember that you’re not writing to a friend, but to a university commission.
  4. Explain how you are going to contribute to your future university. Why the community of this place is a perfect fit for you and vice versa? How this place will influence your personal growth? Why do you want to join this community?
  5. And the last but not the least, be honest. If you weren’t a student with the highest grades at school, don’t try to explain those poor results. Just admit what you have. That’s all. Don’t explain your school achievements in this part of application. An essay is for your personal story only, but not for your school results and academic grades.

Remember, when applying to a university or college, pay attention not only to the grades and test scores you’ve got, but also to the essay you’ve written. Even an application with average marks can be accepted by a top ranking uni if an essay is written in a proper way. So, make sure to use the advice discussed in the article to make your application essay stand out from hundreds of similar ones.