China’s Electronic Manufacturing Services has provided electronic items to a variety of industries around the world. Due to factors such as opportunity and an unrestricted development drive, this is one of the world’s largest emerging economies. China-based PCB manufacturing companies have accounted for over half of the worldwide PCB supply market.

These are the companies that manufacture PCBs in China.


RayMing is a china PCB assembly manufacturer company that provides complete PCB assembly services in Shenzhen. RayPCB can provide turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly.

They handle the entire process for full turn-key, including Printed Circuit Board manufacture, component procurement (100 percent original), PCBA testing, quality control, and final assembly.


ALLPCB is a Chinese company that specializes in producing ultra-fast PCBs. They specialize in PCB fabrication, assembly, and component sourcing and make communication devices, consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, industrial control, apparatus, instruments, and the Internet of Things.

China PCB One

ChinaPCBOne is a Chinese PCB manufacturing company. PCB design, manufacturing, assembly manufacturing, component procurement, and product assembly are among the services they offer at a fair price.


PCBWay is the most experienced PCB Layout and Design company in China. They sell high-quality; low-cost printed circuit boards all around the world. Every day, more than 100 new customers use PCBWay’s services to meet their PCB needs.


PCB one-stop services from 86PCB include PCB design, assembly, manufacturing, inspection, and testing. They have a lot of expertise in creating circuit boards with special materials, high precision, Isola Rogers, Teflon, multilayer HDI PCBs, and so on.


JLCPCB is China’s largest PCB prototype manufacturing company. They have around 12 years of PCB manufacturing experience. They will receive over 10,000 online orders every day for PCB prototypes and a modest portion of PCB production.

PCB Cart

PCB Cart is a specialist PCB manufacturing business with over ten years of manufacturing experience. They’ve made PCBs for over 10,000 customers in over 80 countries. Because they deliver the greatest service, they have a customer satisfaction score of around 99 per cent.


PCBGOGO is a PCB prototype and fabrication company with a high level of expertise. They’ve set up three businesses, each with an ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems. This company has provided almost US $1000000 in prototyping services and electronic components to almost 20000 customers globally.

Agile circuit

The agile circuit is a customer-focused firm that offers high-efficiency and high-quality bespoke circuit board solutions at competitive pricing. They manufacture printed circuit boards for a variety of industries, including industrial control, telecommunications, computers, automobiles, consumer electronics, medical, and electronic manufacturing.

HuanYu Future Technologies

This is one of the largest state-owned modern PCB firms. HDI PCB, 2 to 14 layers PCB Prototype, Metal Core MCPCB, High-Frequency PCB, LED Aluminium PCB, Thick Copper PCB, Multilayer PCB, and Flexible PCB are some of the company’s primary goods and services.

However, here are the lists of the top PCB manufacturers in China. These firms have extensive experience in the sector of PCB fabrication in China.


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