toothsi Gears up to Design 50,000 Smile Makeover Plans in 2021

Building on the impressive growth trajectory, toothsi, India’s first and largest at-home smile makeover service, has recently announced its plans to design 50,000 smile makeover plans in 2021. To achieve this, the brand will use a combination of customer advocacy and influencer marketing to generate greater awareness of its product. It will also leverage the consumer technology, developed in-house, to bolster its sales and marketing efforts. The brand’s team of veteran orthodontists and dentists, tech experts, and business-minded professionals designed more than 9,000 smile plans in 2020 alone, helping it achieve a stellar quarter-on-quarter growth of 40% over the past eight months.

Founded by Dr. Arpi Mehta, Dr. Pravin Shetty, Dr. Manjul Jain, and Dr. Anirudh Kale, toothsi is committed to providing Indians with access to convenient, irritation-free, stylish, and at-home, personalised smile correction services. The brand has made a splash in the Indian market with Clear Aligners, which provide a viable alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment that is reliant on metal braces for correcting dental problems such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, teeth gap, and cross-bite. Since its inception in November 2018, toothsi has designed more than 11,000 smile makeover plans, registering an impressive response to its unique value proposition during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Speaking about its plans, Dr. Arpi Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO – toothsi, commented, “Of an estimated 600 million Indians who need smile correction, more than 90% forego any treatment because they are conscious of wearing metal braces as they are extremely visible, uncomfortable, and costly. At toothsi, we are addressing this pain point by providing a more empathetic, pain-free, and cost-effective alternative to traditional smile enhancement with our unique and personalised ‘smile plans’. That our offerings have registered such a strong market response during the pandemic is a testament to the efficacy and relevance of the toothsi model. We are confident of building on our current growth trajectory and empowering more Indians with the confidence that comes with a stunning smile.”

The first leg of the toothsi smile makeover plan involves a free-of-cost, at-home visit by a toothsi Pro who conducts a scan of the customer’s existing dental structure. The scan results are evaluated by a team of orthodontists and dentists to create a personalised ‘smile plan’ for each customer. These smile plans come with detailed digital visualisation, enabling the customer to take a peek at their post-treatment smile. Once the customer approves the smile plan and makes the payment, toothsi manufactures and delivers the aligners.

­Dr. Arpi Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO, toothsi, said, “Over the past two years, we have pioneered a completely new market space in India, that of at-home smile correction services. The offering and the accompanying value proposition have been a revelation for customers across the country who want smile correction but were hesitant to opt for metal braces. We are currently in the process of scaling up our team and technological infrastructure to help us deliver 50,000 more smile plans to customers across the country.”

toothsi’s teeth aligners have registered a remarkable uptake among customers of all demographics, including school- and college-going young adults to professionals more advanced in age. The brand is currently present in 7 cities including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi/NCR, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Pune. In line with its mission of providing easy, pain-free, empathetic, and personalized orthodontic care to all, the brand aims to expand its geographical footprint across the country to bring more Indians under the fold of its innovative smile correction services.


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