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Rescuer Women Safety App – Seven Gooey Good Reasons to Love it!

Business Wire India
In response to the recent incidents of crime perpetrated against women in India, Asscento Systems, a Mobile App development start-up, based in Chennai (India), announces the launch of “Rescuer” a new, women safety mobile app for free downloads.

When feeling threatened, this App comes in handy; a TAP of a button or just your voice is good enough for the app to perform the following for your safety.

  1. Sends a pre configured SMS like, “I am in need of help at present I’m at (“Google Map shows your location”), and your name “to five of your contacts which you had pre-configured.
  2. Sends pre-configured SMS messages with Google Location to your Facebook contacts.
  3. The App auto dials two of your pre-configured contacts

Apart from that:

  1. You can send unlimited text messages to app users for FREE!


  1. You will be able to find the latest products based on the trending score displayed on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube and you can buy it from your favourite online retail stores.

Besides that, the features which are listed below features that will be added

  1. Include a shopping Chabot, which will help you to conserve time by doing all the shopping for you and your family. Just tell the bot what you are looking for, the bot will find and purchase it for you.
  2. One of the added features are, apart from checking the weather forecast in your area, you will also be able to listen to music, watch video, play games, read news, look for beauty tips, health tips and WhatsApp Jokes

This women safety app is user-friendly and simple. As part of the configuration, the user first presets the contacts of the friend who will be notified and called in case of an imminent threat. The app is available for Android Phones and will soon be available for iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

Click “” to download the app now. Also, you can find the app on Google with the keyword “rescuer women safety app”.

Download now to ensure your safety 24/7 and also to avail other features!