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Now, Next Day Discharge From Hospital Is Possible Through New Age Technology Says Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Business Wire India
For most of us living in urban areas, life is on a fast track. From rushing to office for work to getting sundry jobs done at home and outside, this not only takes up our time but also saps energy and creates stress. Add to this, a sedentary lifestyle and eating ready-made food on the go. The results are showing on our health.
Over the past few decades, lifestyles have changed drastically. Although there are more conveniences than ever before, time is becoming scarce. Gone are the days when people agreed to spend weeks or months for their treatment. Today, patients want to get done with the treatment with minimum hassles, best outcomes and in the least possible time. Hospitals and healthcare practitioners are adopting the best of advanced technologies and world-class infrastructure to make this happen for their customers.
One has to take a break from everyday duties to go for a surgical procedure. Thus, recovering quickly but effectively matters a lot. Minimally invasive surgery, state-of-the-art technology, international clinical protocols, near zero infection rates and personalized care practices can be quite helpful to speed up the process and reduce the stress among customers.
Take the case of 35-year-old Rajiv (Name changed), a top executive in a private firm who was suffering from bleeding in the stools and extreme pain due to Piles. A busy schedule and work pressure gave him little time to take care of his health. He was worried about discussing this problem with his family & doctors.
Dr. Sambit Patnaik, Senior Colorectal Surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospitals assured him that everything would be fine and that he needed just a couple of days to get back to his normal routine with a simple procedure. He was explained the benefits of using MIS Technology.
Rajiv gathered his courage and chose a weekend to go through the procedure. Armed with the latest techniques and skills, the doctors performed the procedure, gave adequate nursing and post-operative care. He was back home the next day and within a few days he was back to work. The cost of the entire exercise was also brought down, thanks to technology, which also helped in a shortened hospital stay. In contrast to a conventional surgery which would require a longer stay in the hospital and more intense post-operative care.
Average Hospitalisation Days for various Keyhole Surgeries*
Gall Bladder Stones    2.8
Hernia Surgery            1.9
Piles                             1.3
Sinus                            1.3
Bariatric Surgery        2.9
Kidney Stone               1.5
Source: Apollo Spectra Hospitals

In most cases where a surgery may be necessary, the patients as well as the doctors try to avoid it. Medication or therapy is tried first, but sometimes it becomes necessary to opt for it. Patients do not need to be terrified of surgeries anymore. Thanks to the advancements in medical technologies, Minimally Invasive Surgeries are widely available.
These are preferred over conventional surgeries because they just involve tiny incisions instead of large openings. A long, thin tube is passed through one of the small incisions. This tube has a miniature camera attached to its end. The surgeons can clearly see the magnified view of the surgical area on the monitor. Special surgical instruments are passed through the other incisions for performing the surgery. The incisions can be as small as a few millimetres and closed with a couple of stitches. This gives the patients what they have always been asking for, lesser pain, lesser trauma, lesser blood loss, lesser discomfort, lesser recovery time and lesser scarring too. All in all, such surgeries are easy on the patient's body and lead to a faster recovery. Shorter stay in the hospital also means using lesser resources and thus the patient pays less and can get back to normal his life faster.
Consider the case of 45-year-old sportsman, Srinivas Jadhav (Name changed), a badminton player, who continues to pursue it as a habit. Troubled with recurrent knee problems, he sought medical help. The immediate option was physiotherapy, but it gave only temporary relief. Doctors suggested a knee surgery that could give better results. Initially, he was afraid of surgery and other possible complications like a limp in his walk. He was worried that it would mean a long leave from his work which may affect his career. After some thought, advice and confidence from the doctors, he agreed. The surgery was successful and he was able to walk in a matter of hours. Thereafter, with the assistance of a rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist and exercise he was back to continuing his passion of playing with no pain. 
Dr. Safiuddin Nadwi, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Apollo Spectra said – “We treated the fear and knee pain both for this patient. Patient was apprehensive about the surgery and we explained to him the benefits of the surgery and quality of life after the surgery. We are happy that the patient has started playing badminton again.”
Advances in techniques and drugs have helped in considerable reduction in hospital stay and surgery time. A better part of the post-operative care could be managed at home and in a more comfortable environment so that the recovery is faster. The whole approach is also welcome to the family as they are in familiar surroundings of home and have the luxury of getting on with their regular schedules.
An interesting fallout of this is the emergence of facilities that provide intermediary nursing and convalescing services in centres that are affordable. This has also opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs in a way to come up with such services, especially in cities where nuclear families are the norm.
Many surgical procedures allow patients to even walk out of the hospital that same day. Utilizing a broad range of advanced devices and techniques, doctors at Apollo Spectra Hospitals are able to perform complex surgeries, including Total Knee Replacement, Hernia Repair, Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery and many others.
With effective drugs and home care to back up the preference, minimally invasive methods are on the rise among patients and their families in urban areas. If the practice works in favour of the patient in several ways, hospitals also benefit a lot. The reason being the demand to supply ratio in the healthcare sector in the country.
The pressure on hospitals has to be seen to be believed. The skewed population to hospital ratio demands a reduction in treatment and care time in hospitals and clinics to meet the growing burden. The situation is very clear when there is an outbreak of a viral fever when hospitals are flooded with patients.
Here is list of disorders which can be treated through Minimally Invasive Techniques or through a Laparoscopy. These surgeries are also called Band Aid Surgeries as recovery time is very less and patient gets discharged in 1-3 days.

  • Weight Loss
  • Knee/Hip/Shoulder Replacement
  • Sinus
  • Hearing Loss
  • Tonsils
  • Piles Surgery
  • Hernia
  • Gall Bladder Stone
  • Prostate Enlargement
  • Kidney Stone Treatment
  • Cataract
  • Varicose Veins
  • Fibroids
  • Breast Lumps
  • Breast Reduction/Enlargement

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